Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Warrior's Wednesday

Definition of Warrior
fighter: somebody who takes part in or is experienced in warfare
somebody in conflict: somebody who takes part in a struggle or conflict


It's Wednesday and maybe you want to rest after going strong Monday & Tuesday, I hope you did, or may be you want to use it as another slacking day! Well don't!
Instead, go on what I now call WARRIOR MODE!
I prefer Warrior to the common beast mode. Why Warrior? Because Warriors have dignity, they have honor, they have passion, they have skills and endurance that make them admirable!
In your fitness journey you are not fighting anyone but yourself. Now imagine that you are in a fight like this one below! But you are not fighting anyone but You. You are fighting the person that gave you excuses after excuses. The one that gave up when she could keep pushing! The person that whined and complained when she could shut up and get to work!!!

You have to get your mind right if you plan on lasting and winning!
Warrior Wednesday might as well be Winner's Wednesday! Because you are in this to win!
So today
1) Get your mind right and believe that you can do it and if you have a strong faith in yourself just use the little faith you got because all you need is a little bit of faith. The more you go at it the more your will grow confident.
2) Commit to it! Why? Why not? What have you gain by going half way, cheating on too many meals, making too many excuses? Come on! Commit and take it one day at a time
3)Never Give Up! You are in you are in! Quitting and Giving up are not an option. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!
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Welcome Warrior! Welcome to the Tribe of Winners. Welcome to Tribe Healthy!!!

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