Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thank God It's Wednesday. How to stay motivated: 9 ways to stay motivated

"Thank God It's Wednesday!" : How to stay motivated to exercise & eat clean

Hi you all! Thanks for stopping by. I am starting this new series " Thanks God It's Wednesday!" and today I am starting with a few tips on how to stay motivated to exercises & eat clean.
It's easy to tell ourselves on Monday mornings that we will start fresh and strong but come hump day everyone is counting the days to the week-ends and sometimes, based on how the previous days went, people lose their motivation and their focus. Well, I am here to help you change this because I feel that way too at times.

 1)Don't always depend on outside sources to motivate you. Learn to motivate yourself.  I have a system in place to make myself do things when I don't feel like it. One of them is to watch motivational videos every single day. I have programmed myself to do this. I first started by writing it down as a to do list and now it's as natural as getting dressed in the morning.  I play motivational messages every single day and the positivity fuels me to ACT and GET IT DONE! Some of my other tricks are shared below.

 2)If you are new to your fitness journey consider creating a nice wardrobe that would motivate you to take your fitness goals more seriously.
Don't dress sloppy just because you will be sweaty.  Just like you would shop for new clothes for a new job you are excited to start, dress the part for your health. Dressing like an athlete will motivate to act more like one.
You don't have to spend a fortune. Look for clothes on sales or on clearance. If you are in your weight loss journey, you plan on shrinking anyways, so don't put too much money in active wears. Buy a couple of items in a smaller size to motivate you. But do invest in a good pair of running or training shoes and motivate yourself to get better apparels when you reach certain goals.

3) Don't worry about the gym so much. You don't need a membership if you are a on budget or are concerned that you might not have much time. Workout at home and outdoors it will not just save you time and money it will be enjoyable because it's a more natural setting. Use the nice parks surrounding you or even your driveway. I like to tell people that they are tax payers so they might as well take advantage of their surroundings.

4) Collect small workouts equipment you can use at home. If you have the space for a treadmill, a bike or an elliptical invest in one. Consider investing in small things like a jumprope, a stability ball, some free weights and other things that can help you tone up. Keep all your items organized and it will be easy to reach them, use them or even carry them with you. I carry my jumprope in my bag when I know I will be out for long hours.

5) Always prep some food, even if it's done on a very small scale. It will motivate you to eat healthy as you will always have something ready to snack or blend. I love to prep my fruits and veggies for snacking or smoothies.

6) You know snack time doesn't have to include junk food. Reprogram yourself. Some raw fruits, a smoothie, can satisfy a craving for sweets, give you the energy you need to recharge in the middle of the day and nourish you physically and mentally.

7) Enjoy more simple and healthy things that do wonders for your body. Good nutrition doesn't have to be complicated.  Things like 2 cups of green tea a day, adding a spoon of apple cider to your daily diet, sprinkling herbs like cayenne pepper, cinnamon, oregano, ginger etc on your food can impact the quality of your health.

8) Never leave the house without food. I always have at least an apple wrapped in a napkin that I keep in my purse. I generally pack a lunch bag no matter how long I plan on being out. I would snack on an apple before stepping in a store or even before eating out. It calms me to snack on something healthy. And if you have 4 children like I do, it's important to have some healthy snacks with you for yourself and for your little crew.

9) Last but not least: DO IT NOW!!!!

Hello!!!! Don't wait to motivate yourself. Do it now! It's simple really stop putting it off and stop making it so complicated.

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