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A word of inspiration: Happy 2013 Happy New Year

It's almost 2012  2013Yeaaah!!!

Note from the editor November 30th 2012.
I am doing a little updating on this article as we actually end 2012. When I wrote this article I didn't know that my hardest challenges were going to face me and that life would slap me in a face like never before. I gave birth to my 4th child in January 2012, it was my 4th C-section and the most complicated one. Not only things didn't go as planned for me, but our baby girl spent our whole 4 day stay in the NICU. Having had all my children by my sides right after birth, the nicu experience was quite traumatic.

Something I overheard while visiting our baby one night brought things into perspective  as I was feeling sad & confused! There was one mother who was a nurse at the hospital and her son was fighting for his life. One of her nurse friends said that she never had the experiences of having her kids in the maternity room because for some reasons all her babies end up in nicu. This one was her 3rd son. The sad thing is, when we were leaving the hospital that day with our baby girl, her son was making the complicated trip to a bigger hospital. The very hospital where the doctors told us we might be transferred to within minutes of our baby's birth. God intervened and our baby girl made fast progress that surprised both the nurses and the doctors. It was a blessing to finally come home because this was my hardest experience but I am well too aware that other mothers have endured worst.

I look back at my own words below...I was grateful then but I AM EVEN MORE GRATEFUL NOW.
The amazing thing is that 2012 started with hope of a new child, took a crazy twist right in the middle of January but have I grown in ways I didn't see coming. I am so different in many ways. Gratitude is my lifestyle, simplicity is my priority....I have learned to appreciate even more than ever, every single blessing no matter how small. I have become more disciplined, more persistent, more compassionate, more open, more patient, more confident in myself, and more in LOVE with LIFE.
I am learning since January 2012 to be truer to myself, to let go of things that just do not matter. I am more real and more at peace with myself...It's like I am seeing the rainbow after the tornado...

I meant all the words I wrote back then and I mean them even more today. Some of my success this year: losing all the baby weight with 9 months. I weight less now than I did before I got pregnant. I am no longer afraid of pushing myself.
I have met more wonderful people this year. The one that were not that wonderful didn't bother me much because they had their contribution to offer in making me better person.

I want to believe that I have made a point to bless more people this year than I did before. Thanks to the internet I am now using facebook as an instrument to impact more people. I am bravely crawling out of my comfort zone just so that the lessons I have learned in my pains can bring victory to others. I have seen my ashes turned into beauty in the hands of the God that I serve and love even more.

I hope you won't mind this little addition to the rest of the article. I just wanted to keep it real and I hope something I added today ministers to someone in a very special way.

Enjoy this article and all the many others. Please join us on our facebook page and be BLESSED beyond measure! ~~~~NB aka Goodhealthdiva!

First published December 28, 2011 12:09 pm
As this year comes to a close I wanted to share a simple word of encouragement with you and offer you some food for thoughts. 

                  I wanted to congratulate the survivor in you.

I wanted to take a moment to Thank God for watching over you, for keeping you, and for strengthening you.

You see, if you made it till this point, if you are alive reading this, no matter the quality of your life and the quality of your health at this very moment...there's a survivor in you and if you do believe in God, there's a God that has faithfully watched over you.

You might not have been granted all the things you wished for in 2011 2012. You might not have achieved all the things you wished to achieve and you might even have suffered some setbacks, some losses and some disappointments... but...regardless of it made it to the end of the year and you've survived!

You've survived through the pains that seemed unbearable, physical or emotional or both.
You've survived through the days you probably thought you could not "take it any more" whatever the " it" was.
You've survived through any discouragement you might have felt in the course of the year.

You might have buried a loved one or more this year. You might have endured some tragic losses. You might have lost a job, a home, a friend or a partner etc. If you had such pains this year, I am sorry you had to go through that.

I want to
  • cheer you through the last days of 2011 2012,
  • offer you hope for 2012  2013 and
  • encourage you to not give up and be resilient.
You made it through 2011 2012, you can flourish in 2012 2013.

A year has obviously many ups and down. 365 days that are full of unknown and surprises. 365 days of events we can't always prevent nor control. 365 days of having to make the best of any situation, check our attitude and have the wisdom and determination to see ashes turned into beauty.

A year is not all about the 'bad things" like what I listed above...A year can and does have many pretty & pleasant moments as well. This year 2011 2012 you might have reached a special goal, bought your first home, landed that job you dreamed about, met some remarkable people, launched a promising business, lost some or all the pounds you wanted to lose etc.

Has 2011 2012 been a great year for you? However insignificant some  'small blessings' might be to some of you, I am hopeful that you have had some very good days this year. Maybe not as much as you wanted but there has to have been some good days in your life in 2011 2012.

This year might have seen many of your dreams come true or you might even have had experiences that totally surpassed your expectations.

Like my friend M-G  who had some experiences in the past 2 months that surpassed her expectations for 2011.

 She traveled for her first time to Paris and London and to Egypt. The pictures speak for themselves, she is an excited woman.

What's most special about her is that she's the kind of person who always find a way to see the glass half- full. She makes herself happy. Believe me she had her fair share of trials in life and had survived a lot, but looking at her  now, you see a woman who knows how to make the best of her life! 

She has survived a lot,but with her great attitude she's not just surving, she's thriving! She's an inspiration to me and I hope that the pictures I am sharing with you trigger something special in you...

In Egypt:

In Cairo

 In Europe:


Paris Le Sacre Coeur

Notre Dame de Paris

If you feel like you had more bad days than good days this year, I pray that 2012  2013 be better for you. I want to encourage you to look back and be grateful for the smallest things because there's always something to be grateful about and gratitude seems to be a multiplier of good things.

The more grateful we are, even for the smallest things, the better our lives get.

If you feel like you had more good days than bad days this year 2011 2012, I rejoice with you and pray that God's favor continues to rest on you and that you be used to be a blessing to others.

No matter what the year 2011  2012 has been to you I am thankful that you have survived or even thrived! 
Yes... You are still here, and this is worth being grateful for.  

Be grateful because many people started 2011   2012 alive and did not make it to the end of it. Be grateful because some people might have gone through some of the same trials you went through and failed to overcome like you did.

Be grateful because you might have been spared a lot of troubles that others might have endured this year. There is always something to be grateful for so, as you enter 2012 2013, have an attitude of gratitude.

May you be abundantly blessed in 2012 2013 as you remain grateful and hopeful for the best.

Get your saddle ready and prepare for your next ride and the adventures of 2012 2013! May 2012  2013 be your best year yet!

I did not get to travel overseas like my friend M-G but I have been blessed and inspired by her adventures and by mine! (smiles)

I am thankful for you all and the way blogging and meeting all of you have enriched my life. Blogging has been an adventure in itself, and meeting people from all over the globe has been a true delight. I never would have guessed that I could travel the world through blogging. Thank YOU!

What are some of your best memories of 2011 2012? What are you most looking forward to in 2012 2013?


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LET'S TALK HAIR: Natural Hair Journey: African Naturals' founder hair journey

Hello hello helloooo!!!
I know it's been a moment since I wrote a post, especially about natural hair, but here I am!

My Hair Talk today is with my sweet sister Z.from Namibia who is the founder of the facebook page African Naturals. If you are familiar with on her page you should know for yourself that she is an awesome person and offers an awesome page.
If you haven't please, get the chance to acquaint yourself with African Naturals & come by the Healthy can be done!Natural Fit Life page to let us know that you visited (LIKEd) African Naturals and how much you enjoyed it.

Z. from African Naturals is also a fan of our facebook page Healthy can be done!Natural Fit Life and it would be a pleasure to have you on both pages. She takes care not just of her hair but of her body as well and that's why we are tag teaming here!(smiles)

Okay enough with the introductions, let's jump in the conversation & for pictures you got to meet us on fb! I guarantee you you will enjoy the pictures on both pages. Hope to see you there once you are done here!

Before we jump into the conversation here some facts about Namibia.

The capital is called Windhoek, it's in Southern Africa between Angola & South Africa.
Angola was colonized by Portugal and speak portuguese, but like South Africa, Namibia speaks Afrikaan. Namibia is near the Atlanttic Ocean.

Now that you know where Z. lives let's find more about her hair journey & healthy lifestyle!
How long have you been natural?
I’ve been natural for a year and half now

What made you decide to be natural?
My daughter asked me why she hasn’t got beautiful hair and that she wanted long flowing hair,when I tried to explain that she has beautiful hair, she asked if we have beautiful hair why do I put weaves in then…lol! So the next day I removed my weaves and cut my hair, have enjoyed every moment of my hair journey since and my daughter is loving her hair!

What frustrations did you have to overcome in your hair journey?
Accepting my hair texture and learning to style my hair, it was awkward and there were times I wondered what I had gotten myself into, but then I’d braid my hair in a protective style and feel better afterward.

What do you believe to be the most rewarding thing about natural hair?
The styles I can do, the thickness of my hair and becoming so much more confident!

How do you maintain your hair healthy?
I wash my hair once a week with detangling shampoo, deep condition every two weeks and use olive and coconut oil to moisturize my tresses. I also believe in eating right and drinking lots of water.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?
I exercise 3 times a week, eat fruit every single day, do yoga every morning and drink plenty of water. I have to set an example to my children as they’re growing.

What advice would you give someone who is considering going natural?
Just do it!lol! Being natural is such a rewarding experience. You learn, you grow, your hair grows J

You started a facebook page about natural hair, when did you start the page and what made you decide to start one?
Gosh, most ideas come when you least expect it. I was chatting to a friend and we started sharing hair regimens and art as well as a million other things and I thought, wait…this would be nice if many people could share ideas with us as well and vice versa. I started the page end of last year.

From your experience do you feel like there’s an age group that’s more open to natural hair?
In Namibia, you can find naturals from 3 years up to 70…all age groups are open to it.

Do you think that it will get adopted more widely on the continent of Africa or do you think that it will take a while for women all over the continent to widely embrace it?
Well, with the whole world gearing up for natural hair, it has taken the world by storm,but you will always find those who are not too keen about it..

When people complain about natural hair what’s the most frequent complaints you hear and what advice do you offer them?
So far I haven’t heard complaints J

Well... short & sweet right? Didn't you enjoy her answers? I liked how her daughter inspired her to go natural, that was funny what she said about weaved. I also appreciate how by living a healthy lifestyle she is setting an example for her children now. I enjoyed how she said " you learn, your grow, your hair grows" because that's exactly how it is with any healthy change we make. We learn in the process & we grow a lot through it!
What about you what did you get from this interview?Was there anything in particular that Z. said here that inspired you?

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Weight loss tips: How to lose weight like the Biggest Losers & follow Bob Harper'sweight loss tips

Hello you all.

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Are you familiar with Bob Harper Skinny rules? Well I figured I will just give you the 7 skinny rules he offers in his book The Skinny Rules. Bod Harper is one of te trainer in the TV weight loss series the Biggest Losers!

1) Drink a large glass of water before every meal no excuses.

2) Don't drink your calories. Unless you are juicing at home or making smoothies he recommands staying away fron drinks that will make you gain weight ( sodas, fruit juices, alcohol ...)

3) Eat proteins at every meal or stay hungry and grouchy

4) Slash your intake of flours and grains

5) Eat 30-50 g of fibers every day

6) Eat apples and berries everyday.  I think he should have mentionned grapefruits and celeries too.

7) No carbs after lunch. Snack on fibers, proteins, vefetables and fresh fruits. No dried fruits.

What most people don't know is that dried fruits have more calories than the fresh version!!!

Which one of the following rules is easier for your? Which one is more challenging?

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Health Benefits of Ginger & How to make Ginger juice

Some Common (or not so common) benefits of Ginger
Ginger is a rich source of antioxidants such as gingerols, shogaols and zingerones.
Relieve menstrual cramps and symptoms
Help with weight loss
Relieve flu and cold symptoms and sore throats, stomaches, upset stomach,colic, diarreah, flatulence, post-surgery pains, bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infections, chemotherapy induced nausea
In some cultures it's believed to be an aphrodisiac.
Morning sickness relief
Motion sickness prevention or relief.
Rheumatoid arthritis
Cancer prevention, ovarian and prostate cancer prevention or stop cancerous cells from growing.
PMS symptoms. Ease menstrual cramps. Ginger tea or drink would do or a topical compress. Dip a towel in a hot Ginger tea or juice and gently apply pressure on the area.
Topically it can also be used to treat thermal burns and as an analgesic.

What you will need.
A small strainer with tiny holes or a cheesecloth
2 larges recipients
1 blender

Ginger roots and water. The amount of Ginger roots truly depends on how much you plan on making and how strong you want it to be.

Optional: Sugar of choice
                Pineapple juice
                Fresh mint leaves
                Lemon juice

Selection and storage:
Ginger can be found fresh, pickled, dried, or in powedered form.
Choose fresh ginger that is free from bruises, and light brown to cream in color.
Fresh Ginger should be kept at room temperature.

#1 Pick some Ginger roots from the grocery store or an Indian Market. I only needed one big root because I wanted to flavor my smoothies with Ginger.

#2 Rinse out, pat it dry and gently scrape the skin off before or after cutting. Easier to do it before cutting.

#3 Cut in small pieces, add a portion to your blender filled with water and start blending.

#4 Separate the pulp from the water by using a strainer with tiny holes or a cheesecloth.
I personally put the pulp back in the blender instead of wasting it. Add some fresh ginger and blend another batch then strain again. You will repeat the process until you run out of fresh roots.

(Once I am done straining my last batch I will squeeze all the pulp over my strainer because the pulp still have some juice in it.)

#4 I will strain the liquid one more time to make sure that I removed any extra pulp. So prepare another recipient and if needed ask for assistance as you strain the first batch of juice or get a cup or something that would allow you to pour a little bit at a time from your first to your second container.


#5 This is when you have fun doing whatever  you want. What you add to your juice is a personal choice.
You can sweeten it with sugar of choices, brown sugar would be my own personal choice. In my culture we always sweeten it with sugar before chilling and using it as a refreshing beverage.

You can flavor your juice with lemon and pineapple juice. The pineapple juice mice in Ginger juice was my grandmother's speciality. It made it easier for children to enjoy it and added a great tropical taste to it.

I love to mix some Ginger juice to my punch when I made some for a fun gathering. It gives the drink a special flavor and dimension!

You can add fresh leaves like Mint or Lemon balm or be creative till you come up with something to your liking.

How you use your juice is up to you. Either you use it as a beverage or a health remedy, adding Ginger to your life is a smart and healthy juice.

I combine my juice to my smoothies for its added benefits and it's great flavor.
I freeze some in ice cube trays to cool and flavor my hot teas. I make tea everyday and one way to cool my tea faster is to add some frozen ginger juice or frozen leftover teas.
I use the rest of the juice and enjoy as a beverage. In West Africa where I grow up, people consume fresh Ginger juice like people in the USA consume sodas. Unlike sodas that are unhealthy, we rely on Ginger juice to appease sore throats, cough or flu symptoms.

Always shake or stir your Ginger before drinking it. It's normal to see a white powdery texture settle in the bottom of your container. Refrigerate and enjoy as a refreshing beverage or as a natural home remedy.

To make Ginger tea as opposed to the juice, simply slice your Ginger root and boiled it, the skin doesn't have to be removed.

5 ways to start your New You by the New Year transformation. Part 1

Hello you all!
We are officially in September! Amazing how this year flew by, isn't it?  Most of you know that I recently had my fourth child. I am now 7 months postpatum, and I am getting more dedicated to getting back in shape by the end of the year.

This month of September I am joining an online community in a "New You by the New Year challenge". As I prepare myself to commit the last months of 2012 to some physical changes, I am much too aware that losing weight is only one facet of my life. One facet that greatly impact other areas. So I am making plans for my new me by making some adjustments in my surroundings. I want the best for my body from the inside out and my environment to me is just as important to my well being as the food I eat and the workouts I do to lose weight.

I was going through my day making a mental note of more things I need to get from the grocery store and as I started cleaning my drawers and closet from clothes that I would no longer need, it occured to me that some of the things on my mind are worth sharing with others.

I have to make this Part 1 because I still have to finish some chores and get a workout in. Part 2 will be available at the sometimes next week so if you like what you read, make sure to come back soon!

5 ways to start your weight loss and life transformation by Goodhealthdiva All rights reserved 2012.

This post will be updated with pictures so check in for updates.

#1 Make some changes in your kitchen. Healthy habits and a transformed body starts in in kitchen.
  • Deep clean and declutter your kitchen.
  • Get rid of broken, chipped and unused items.
  • Deep clean your kitchen with the best smelling natural products you can afford. I love to make my own GREEN and chemical free products with white vinegar, lemon and baking soda. Adding some drops of essential oil to my white vinegar and lemon cleaning spray is an inexpensive and refreshing alternative to costly products. Make sure to clean your fridge, your pantry and your cabinets even your trash can.
  • If necessary, replace your set of silverware and your dinning plates and cups ( if they have  chips). I personally can't stand seeing non matching sets and I love to have a nice set of dishes to eat in everyday.  The HomeGoods Store is my go to place for 'classy' inexpensive items. I am actually planning a trip there this afternoon.
  • Polish you kitchen cabinets. A mixture of Olive oil and lemon juice and a clean cloth will give your cabinets a nice shine.
  • Your glass doors and windows and your floors will shine with a solution of white vinegar and water. Don't use this mixture on marble surfaces.
  • Get rid of your old cleaning sponges, towels and dishcloths. Toss anything raggedy and stained. Replace them with new towels, sponges and dishcloths that you will make a habit of replacing every 2-3 months if needs be.
  • Get your nice napkins, glassware and dinnerware out, clean them out and get ready to use them or
  • Go shopping for a new tablecloth, napkins etc

  • Make dinner time quality/romantic time even if it's just you. When I was in college I would have friends over for dinner, some time just one friend, but will always set my table nicely and play some nice music. I would do that even on days when I ate alone. Why? Why not? I deserve it! You deserve it. You pay for the groceries, you work for them you cook, them, don't you deserve to enjoy them in the nicest things you can afford and the nicest setting you can create? Having a pleasant time doesn't mean eating in a fancy restaurant. I can fancy things up at home and be just as happy and you can too!
  • Learn to eat with the TV off, play some relaxing music and teach your family and yourself that it's alright to appreciate the experience. I am from a French culture, the rumor about French people or most European really enjoying their meal time is TRUE (smiles)!
  • Learn to always cook in a clean and neat environment. People are different but I like things to "flow" I can't think straight with too much stuff around me. If you are used to a lot of things around you put some away and see how you feel.

  • Learn to always dine in style even from the comfort of your home. All it takes are some simple touches and some creativity. One small touch for me is having fresh flowers. If you pay the bills or manage the home you deserve to nurture your body and your senses. Your meals should be healthy to your body, your meal time should nourish your soul and your spirit as well.
  • Value your relationship with food. When you slow down to eat you are more aware of what you it and how much you eat. The experience nurtures your soul and spirit in some ways. You will leave the table satisfied and without cravings because the whole you would have been nourished. That's a simple way to battle emotional eating and reduce cravings. Love the moments when you sit down and truly enjoy your meals.
  • Enjoy the time you spend cooking your healthy meals. Using nice ustensils and cookware play a (sensory)role believe me.
  • Play some of you favorite songs if needs be when you are cleaning and cooking. You will soon associate those moments to the fun and lovely music you listen to and will be more likely to recreate them.
  • Weither you are religious or not, take a moment to thank God or your higher power for food and for your home. Don't take for granted what you are blessed with even if it's not what you would have preferred. The more grateful you get the more good things will come to you. You can see your life change for the best as you remember to say Thank You for what you have.

#2 Make some changes in your bedroom.
 Good sleep is important and if you are going to workout diligently to lose or manage your weight your bedroom need to be your refuge.
  • Get rid of any old (and nasty) pillows you might have been sleeping on. No offenses but some people have the grossest pillows...Seriously, replace your pillows and do it often. You don't have to purchase designer pillows but some fresh pillows would be great and pillows do not cost that much! Aren't you worth it?
  • Declutter and deep clean your room. Move furniture and clean behind them. Clean your baseboards. Deep clean your windowsills. Again a mixture of vinegar and water will do.
  • Take down your curtains and wash them. When you put them back you can spray some Linen spray on them for a fresh scent.
  • Replace your sheets and pillowcases if they are too old and get yourself a new set of sheets.

  • Get some Lavender or Chamomile Linen spray and spray some on your sheets and pillow cases. I actually do this daily just minutes before bed time or before a nap.
  • Make your bedtime a pampering ritual. Take a little bit of time to massage your hands and your feet thanking God for them and because they have served you well during the day. Your favorite oil or lotion would do the trick. Slip your feet in some clean ( spa) socks you will be surprised how good they look and feel in the morning.
  • Vacuum and mop your floors. Spray some baking soda on your carpets and rugs as deodorizer and vacuum half an hour later. Unless you have marble flooring, white vinegar and water are excellent for cleaning your floors.
  • Burn your favorite candles often, making sure of course, to practice good fire prevention safety.
  • Start and end your days with a prayer of gratitude. You might not live in a mansion or have a luxurious bedroom but you are alive and as long as you are here, you are blessed and things can get better. Things always get better with more gratitude.

# 3. Make some changes in your closet.
Alright now, if you are serious about transforming your image some clothes will not serve you anyway weeks from now. It's time to get rid of clothes you have hang on to for too long that you don't even wear or that you shouldn't be wearing .
  •  Go through your closet and your drawers and remove anything that has a hole in it or a stain on it. I am picky and it might sound diva like but seriously you are worth more than that. If the outfit has sentimental values take a picture and put it in your scrapbook but toss it. You need 2 trash bags or boxes for this closest cleaning. 1 for clothes you are tossing 1 for clothes you will donate.
  •  Toss broken hangers, old belts and cracked leather purses etc.
  • Empty your closet, clean your floor and baseboard, dust off  your bags and shoe boxes etc.
  • Replace your hangers and shop for more if needs be. I love the velvety kind and 95% of my clothes hang on those.
  • Dust off your shoes and shoes boxes.
  • Like you did with your clothes, toss any pair of shoes that have passed its prime, donate what no longer serves you ( that's still in good condition please)!
  • Go through your socks box or socks drawer and toss any socks with holes, any socks that have lost its partner for a while( you know that the missing matching sock rarely comes back) and any socks that is extremely old or dirty. This might sound like trivial advice but you will be surprised of the condition of some people's socks.
  • Treat your feet to a socks makeover. As much time as you spend on your feet they deserve some nice and fresh socks regularly. I love socks and wear them a lot in my house so I make it a habit to replace them every 2 months if need be.
  •  Now...being more personal...ladies and gentlemen...your undergarments, boxers, panties....REPLACE & TRASH anything with holes, anything with rips, anything with...with stains ( in a whispering voice) REPLACE it!!!! Come on! And mainly for the ladies. If you are married, engaged or have a BOO serious about spending his life with you, get rid of those big ugly grannies underwear. Especially if you are not a big momma pleeease toss those things. There are some women out there who are not 'that big' but would still torture their men with the sight of big unattractive panties. Toss all thaaat! ( In a Martin Lawrence voice).  You could go shopping, preferably @ Victoria Secret that's my favorite shop for panties and night gown. Seriously, treat yourself to a panties makeover. I want you to be healthy and have long life but don't even get caught dead with nasty panties on.

  • That advice above goes for the men as well. Some men look a mess at night time or in their chilling clothes with ripped or stained boxers, nasty looking tank tops and underwear. Give yourself a boxers, tanks tops and white Tee-shirt makeover. Take yourself shopping your Boo will appreciate the gesture too.
  • Okay, I had the panties talk, time for the lingerie talk. Ladies ( and gentlemen too) ...What do you wear when you go to bed? Please, if you are in a relationship or married don't tell me 'an old stained over sized and worn out T-Shirt". Toss and stop wearing ugly things to go to bed. You might not be able to afford a $50 dollar or more night dress from Victoria Secret but you can shop at Ross or T.J. Maxx for nice sleepwear that range from $8-$20. So consider redoing your sleepwear wardrobe especially if your are serious about your weight loss. Get your sexy back, you know!!! 
  • Treat yourself to the nicest night gown you can afford. You might get it now to celebrate your new beginning or you might get it as a reward so many pounds down the road.Whatever your fancy, but please no more ugly sleepwear, repeat after me NO MORE UGLY SLEEPWEAR. You deserve to sleep like a beauty even if you might not be convinced of your beauty.
  • Ah... (taking a deep breath...) We should ideally spend 8 hours of our day sleeping. As hard as many of you out there work...I believe you deserve some "royal" acts from you to you everyday. It's not being a Diva, it's about knowing your worth and your value. All the things I suggested above, are simple things you can do for yourself. 
Well that's part 1. Got to finish getting my own closet ready for my this fresh start and finish a load of laundry. I emptied my Pandora box to wash all that was in it. My Pandora box (lol) is the box I keep all my "fancier" sleepwear in. I haven't worn some of my favorite...scratch that...some of my husband's favorite things in a while due to my recent pregnancy. Mind you, pregnant or not I did my best to wear some nice things most nights, just in a bigger size. ( Let's hope my husband doesn't come here and contradicts me, (lol).  Anyway...I am getting back in shape and it's time to get my sexy back! (Singing Ne-yo's "Tonight" in my head).

If you enjoyed this article read The Psychology of weight loss here!

 So for you all out there on a weight loss journey, let that transformation be for real. Get yourself ready for changes.Clean up, get rid of the old and make room for the new.

Please come back for part 2. In part 2 I will talk about 4# Your bathrooms, and 5# you car and your purse. I am combining the last two since you would most likely carry a purse because you are going somewhere. You might be like "What does this have to do with my makeover and my "New You by the New Year?" Well, honey I will tell you when you come back!!! So... see you soon.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why READ...

Big Announcement here! Hello readers and friends.

I just want to let you know that I have launched a facebook page called READING POWER.

For those of us in the USA it's the beginning of another school year and I want to promote literacy for our children and youth.

The digital age can distract our children from READING and statistics show that READING plays a very important role in the future of our children.

So please, read to the children in your lives. You might not have any kids, but you probably know people who have children. Offer books to those children, make time to read to them and instill to them a passion for reading.

Please LIKE the facebook page READING POWER, ask all your friends to LIKE it as well. Contribute to it by posting your reading moments or pictures of books you are reading to your children.

Let's instill in our children a love for READING.

I hope to see you at READING POWER on Facebook.

My children, my husband and I were very fortunate to meet a big reading advocate last September when we stayed at the Renaissance Resort in Orlando Florida. Most of you know him for his cookies FAMOUS AMOS. As Mr Wally Amos likes to say, he is famous for more than cookies. He motivational speaker, he has been a huge literacy advocate for years. Originally from Florida, he resides in Hawaii and loves to spend his time reading to children.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Health and Fitness: The Benefits of Running & Why I Love Running.

It seems that since I have embarked to running outdoors, I am experiencing life in a brand new facet.

I am falling in love with running each day and what's more, I am falling in love with life and with people. I used to run on the treadmill and envy people who run outdoors. Don't ask me why, I just did. I see runners as people who are free, bold, who take charge and make no excuses.

So one day, I finally made up my mind and made babysitting arrangements so that I could go running. I have 4 kids. 9 years old, 7 and 5 years old and a 6 months old. It takes some planning but it's worth the effort and the time away.

With each run I have tried different paths and environments and I have noticed that I have a preference for natural scenery versus busy streets.

                                           Relaxing in front of the Tennessee River.

I am becoming more curious about trying new things like trail running, water rafting....did I say water rafting?  Funny that I said that!Years ago I would not have pictured myself doing such things but yes...running is changing me!

I am growing mentally and inwardly seems like. I am more poised and I seem to enjoy "being in the moment" more than ever. My patience seems to have grown as well. Well, most of my friends think I am a pretty patient person because I have 4 kids and homeschooling; but it seems to me that I am more patient than I used to be.

Running also makes me appreciate my body and my health more than ever.

Running is now a bond between my husband and I. My husband Brandon, has always run, and couldn't live without running. The first time we ran together he was not just proud that I ran a full hour without complaining,he was proud that I was running with him. A passionate runner, his dream was for me to share this experience with him.

Brandon and I have been running together at least twice a week for the past 4 weeks or so. I get frustrated when he challenges me because I have never been a competitive person but the feeling of completion is so worth it!!! In addition to the great feeling of completion,it gives us quality time together.

Running allows me to find inspiration from so many people.

A lot of times, we would run past a restaurant and the look of diners, create a certain sense of focus inside. A focus to keep running instead of giving in to the enticing smells coming from the restaurants.
Many times we run past people who, judging by their physiques, need the encouragement to get a hold of their health. I would say a silent prayer, wishing that we would be an inspiration to them, just like many runners have been to me in the past.

With each run I get more motivated or actually...more committed. I think that motivation was what I needed to run the first time. Commitment is what keep me running now.

Commitment is something beyond motivation and an example of it was showed to me during my run yesterday. While I was running with my husband along our Riverpark, just 20 minutes into our run I noticed a woman in a nice athletic outfit that was stretching. She was pretty and seemed to be from a different country. As we kept running a tall ( and handsome) athletic man, with curly hair and a build upper body greeted my husband. He might have been about 6'2". My husband is 6'5". I smiled at him and we kept going then come running in our direction this short athletic woman, focused, with a beautiful complexion and nice red-black hair. She seemed to be in her 60s but boy oh boy she was getting it.

So my husband and I exchanged comments and look of admiration for the older woman and we and kept running. On our way back on that path, the short older woman was doing push ups!!! NO JOKE!!! And guess what? The beautiful young lady I spotted initially was next to her doing Jumping Jacks while the tall man who had greeted my husband was with them, stretching.
They impressed, inspired and motivated me. But what I learned from them is this. THEY ARE COMMITTED about their health and exercising.

We kept going, I enjoyed running over 4 different bridges that each gave me a different perspective of the River, the Riverfront, the city and the Sun. We thanked God for the breeze that was much needed, and once we finally stopped, 4 miles later, I was happy to live this moment (and happy to get some water).
Water with lemons and strawberries.

It was fun watching people enjoying their lives, admiring a bride and groom in their wedding attire following their photographer for some great shots, listening to the music in the distance (there was a free concert somewhere below the bridge), watching boats travel along the River and laying on the grass facing the water.

                                                       Chattanooga Riverfront @ Ross Landing.
                                                 Outdoor concert by the Chattanooga Pier & one of the Bike Stations.

Cooling down and stretching while facing the Tennessee River allowed me to meditate on a few things.

I was happy, relaxed, excited, opened to more, calmer inside...RUNNING gave me that.

A woman,who was  passing by with her husband, told Brandon that our spot was a great spot for Yoga. Well, we don't do Yoga, but she was right, it was a great spot for stretching and for reflecting.

Walnut Street Bridge, longest Pedestrian bridge in the world, and the Tennessee River.

View of Coolidge Park and the Northshore area across the Tennessee River
A Water Taxi on the Tennessee River below Market Street Bridge.

I am hooked to running. I can't see my life without it. My husband now laughs at me because I love it so much that I can't stand missing a running date. He would tell me " now you see how I feel when I don't run". Running is like stress therapy for him. He gets annoying and easily irritable ( and easily irritating) when he goes days without running. It's is way to de-stress!

I don't think running is therapy for me but it certainly seems to grow me and calm me in ways I never experienced before.
Chattanooga Tennessee's Market Street bridge & the Tennessee River.
I am so excited and looking forward to seeing  how much RUNNING will change me. Oh Running has helped me fit better in some of my clothes but I must say that right now, my greatest excitement is how running makes me feel better " in my own skin". I think I am becoming a better person. I feel it inside...

I took all the pictures after 8pm, somewhat distracted from my stretch you might say, but I see so many beautiful things along my runs that I wish at times that I could just stop and take some pictures.

What about you? Are you a runner? What do you love about running?

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Natural hair Journey: Jahia's story

I know for people with natural hair,or those thinking about embarking in this journey, it's always good to learn more about others who have committed themselves to this hair- lifestyle. As most stories show, there is more to a person than her natural hair. My friend Jahia's is proof of it. I hope her story will inspire you.

1) What made you decide to become natural?
I'm not really sure, it wasn't anything that was planned, I just stood in the mirror one day and did it !

 2) How long have you been natural?
I've been natural for 2 years now.

 3) What are some of the challenges you encountered as a natural?
There is only one challenge and that is that I'm too lazy sometimes to do my hair ( I need to practice what I preach).

 4) What are to you the most rewarding things about being natural?
Most rewarding is, I see me, I have found a new love for myself, I am accepting how the Creator made me and I'm fine with it.

5) What products work best for you? What products were the least satisfying?
 The best products are the ones I make at home and Least satisfying are all the ones with ingredients that I can't pronounce.

 6) What's your favorite style?
My favorite are twist out and puffs.

 7) How do you maintain your hair?
 I deep condition and steam once a week , I do a lot of co-washing, once a month I detox my hair with a clay mask and apple cider vinegar.

8) What advice would you give anyone who is considering going natural?
Go for it and embrace the true you, never let anyone tell you that you aren't beautiful.

 9) Beside having natural hair is there other ways in your life where you are embracing a more healthy and natural lifestyle? If yes how?

Eating proper food, exercising and using lots of herbs for healing , mediation, and praying.

 10) You created a Facebook  group called Naturally fierce.With did you create your group and what's your vision for the group?
I created this group to help other Sistahs walk trough this journey of being Natural. Many of us never had the chance to embrace our curls coils and kinks. I was new to all this "NATURAL" thing. So I want to create a group where everyone can post, ask question, share knowledge. We are here to teach each other.

I appreciate Jahia's story and as a member of Natural Fierce myself (on Facebook), I can attest that the support is always a blessing. Is there anything about Jahia's story that particularly speak to you? Jahia's answers to questions #4 & #8 are what speak to me the most. They resonate self-esteem, something most women can use more of. What do you think? Are you natural or intersted in going natural? What attracts you most to natural hair?
Feel free to read more natural hair stories on this site or search for many of the available natural hair tips.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Motivation Monday: Celebrities weight loss pictures

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words and when we are on a weight loss journey, looking at the success of others is a good way to stay motivated and to have...HOPE!!!

Some before and after pictures of celebrities who lost weight. For more pictures check the Album "Celebrities weight loss pictures" on the page  "Healthy can be done" on Facebook.

Kimora Lee Simmons


 Janet Jackson

 Chaka Khan.

 Paula Deen.

Star Jones 

Which one of the ladies above inspire you the most?

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