Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Benefits of Apple Cider for skin and hair

The post below was written by Gaurav Jaggi a fellow blogger from India who contacted me about his desire to write a post on a subject he specializes in. Since I use ACV daily and have also used it on my hair  I figured it would be great to learn and share more on the subject.

ACV for Gorgeous Skin and Great Hair by Gaurav Jaggi

First, let’s just say that we all want great skin and hair; hence we invest so much in hair and skin products.  We can never tell what the perfect skin product is and advertisers don’t make it any easier to know what product to settle for.

Skin and hair differs, so do the products we are supposed to use in maintain them, so what do you do if you aren’t sure what to buy and how do you know if what you buy is really what your hair or skin needs?

Well here is what I think is quick answer to all that: Apple Cider Vinegar

There are numerous Apple Cider Vinegar benefits and it is your solution to great hair and skin for the following reasons:

Fewer Toxins, Great Skin

A liver with few toxins is a great liver and a great liver translates to great skin. Drinking a solution of apple cider vinegar in water up to three times in a day promotes great liver functions. It reduces the toxins in the body making your skin clearer and healthier looking.

 Washing with apple cider vinegar directly also promotes great skin however the ratio of water to apple cider vinegar should be 10% apple cider vinegar dissolved in water and you wash using a cotton wool or a soft cloth.

Shiny Healthy Hair, a Rinse Away

Don’t we all hate having dandruff?  It seems hard, costly and frustrating to try to get rid of dandruff yet there’s a very simple, affordable and effective solution: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar will offer you shiny looking, bouncy and healthy hair.

Vinegar, first of all, helps to promote the health of your scalp, while the solution of apple cider vinegar can eliminate dandruff and maintain the volume of your hair by reducing hair loss.

Better yet, apple cider vinegar is best for removing styling products that have accumulated over the years from styling your hair.

In order for this to work for you, wash your hair and rinse in the solution of water and apple cider vinegar, make sure the solution reaches your scalp. Let it rest for up to 30 minutes, then rinse. You should do this minimally, once a week.
The Mother, Apple Cider Vinegar

To get the best from apple cider vinegar, you should go for the ‘mother’ – this is basically the suspended liquid formed when you age apples (organically grown), in a wooden barrels, ‘the mother’ is pungent and slightly dark brown and in the light it’s feathery and cobweb like. This is a sign of good ‘mother’

Remember, apple cider vinegar has been used for year for its many medicinal purposes. Raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar contains all the enzymes and life improving nutrients that are good for your health and that of your hair and skin. You can find out more about Apple cider vinegar benefits.

Thanks for reading this article please share with us how you use Apple Cider Vinegar in your daily life and benefit from using it!



  1. I use ACV on my locs and I do see a difference in my locs. They are darker and softer to the touch. My scalp also feels so relieved.

  2. I've heard so many great things about ACV, but I can't get past the smell. I guess I should get over it and give it a try!

  3. Hi ladies
    Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.
    @ Curlilocks Let me know once you start using ACV how you like it! I think its great benefits outweight the smell. Plus the smell doesn't last long so that's a thing to consider (smiles)

  4. @ T.Mayer HI dear friend how are things going in Barbados? How often do you use it for your locs and what's your regimen? Would you like to share it in a small post I could host here?

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