Friday, August 26, 2011

Good things to know: What do to in case of an earthquake? A small earthquake safety guide!

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It's been quite a week, around the world from the events in Libya, to the earthquake in Washington DC and some surrounding areas/states and now with hurricane Irene threathening the East Coast. I wish the best to anyone in the Bahamas and on the East Coast where Irene is threatening to leave some unpleasant marks and pray for the safety of those of you and all your loved ones in those areas.
The unexpected earthquake in DC has surprised a few of my friends who have never experienced one nor even expected to ever have that experience. It made me realize that not expecting something doesn't mean that we should not be informed about safety procedures. God knows we do not expect to be in a fire but we all (should) practice fire drills. ..just in case...So below is a small guideline to your benefits!

Many of us do not live in areas prone to earthquakes or might  have never experienced one....(yet!)  However, as we saw earlier this week on East Coast and in our nation capital, not being used to an earthquake doesn't mean that we are immune to unpleasant surprises.
Most Americans who have lived in California are certainly much more aware of earthquakes safety than those on the opposite side of the country. I think that no matter where we live, it's just good to know what to do in case of an earthquake. I pray never to experience one but a little knowledge can go a long way!

To keep it simple:    If you don't remember anything remenber this:                  

DROP down onto your hands and your knees. The position don't just keep you from falling it also allows you to move safely if necessary.
COVER Your head and neck and you whole body if possible. Find shelter under a desk or a table. In absence of either one, find shelter near an interior wall or near a low furniture that won't fall on you. And keep you head and neck covered with your arms and hands.
HOLD on to you shelter or safe position ( hands and arms over your head and neck) until the shakings stop.  Be prepare to move with you shelter (desk) or safe position if the shaking shifts your shelter around

Please do avoid the following situations:
  • Do not stand in a doorway
  • Do not run outside or to another room. Remember that dropping to your knees and hands will keep you safe from falling injuries and provide more safety from flying objects.

 Simple ways to prepare your home for earthquakes
  • Install latches on your cabinets.
  • Secure top heavy furnitures and appliances to walls!

Did you know? 

  •  Did you know that contrary to common thinking, buildings do not always collapse in earthquakes and that the greatest injuries are caused my falling and flying objects and debris?
  • Did you know that finding shelter under a desk or table is reported by earthquakes rescuers around the world to be the safest place? It has been observed that even when a building collapse, many times the space where the desk is located does stay intact!

Have you been involved in a eathquake before? Where and how was it? What safety advice would you offer? Is there something you wished you knew before your first earthquake experience? Can you testify of the benefits of the COVER DROP and Hold guidelines?

To your health and safety! Wishing you all the best and a great week-end!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Words of inspiration : Is it a boy or a girl? Baby's gender and a little girl's wish!

                                                    ~The story of a little girl's wish for a little sister~

Back in December 2010 we were having dinner at some friends who just had their second daughter! The baby was just 1-2weeks old, and their older girl, less than 2 years old had just returned from a trip from overseas! It was our first time to meet their toddler and newborn girls!

My daughter was fascinated by the baby and enjoying the company of the little girl who have just arrived from a different continent!
While we (the adults) were at the table eating she walked to the table, tapped me on my left arm and told me in tears that she wanted a little sister.
I told her that I would babysit the toddler she just met and she would be her little sister.
When we got home, the children called my mother-in -law and as they were talking my daughter told her grandmother that she now have a little sister.
My mother-in -law asked to talked to me for some explanations! I teased her that I was not hiding any grandchild from her and went on explaining what it was all about!

I started keeping my friend's toddler " Ama" a few times a week and my children were all great big brothers and big sister! Imani my daughter loved her so much; of course children are very smart and we owe them some credits.
 She started complaining that she wanted her own sister and one that would not go back and forth between homes.


So life went on for me as I watched my children and watched other people having babies around me.
In may of 2011, I attended the baby shower of an high school friend living in Atlanta GA who was expecting a little girl!

I had no idea then that I was pregnant  already and that weeks down the road I would announce to others that I am pregnant.

Funny enough, my sisterfriend in NJ to whom I sent on that day a picture of me at the baby shower told me that " I had a glow"! I had no clue what she was talking about! For the many weeks that followed that same friend would keep questioning some of my behavior and suspect a pregnancy that I was totally denying,  I was so oblivious...

My daughter kept talking about her little sister, then I found out that I was pregnant and my daughter was still talking about her baby sister.

When I mentioned her behavior to my twin sister she said : "Like mother like daughter! You acted the same when you believe God to bless you with a daughter. Now she acts like you as she believes God for a sister!"

The weeks that followed, my daughter would cry if we would try to prepare her for the eventuality of a little brother! She loves all babies. But this girl knows what she wants and when she wants something...(smiles)...some of you parents must know what I am talking about...some kids have a special gift of perseverance!

At times I would have that strong feeling about the baby's gender. I would have some quiet time and right after I would have this strong conviction. I felt that strong conviction the night before my ultrasound!

Each time I would tell my hubby what the baby's gender is he would ask me " how can you be so confident?" and I would tell him: " I just know!" Just like I knew 5 years ago that I would have a daughter way before doing the ultrasound!

So today I got my ultrasound done. The children and I headed back to the hospital and hubby met us there.

 My middle child felt that the morning visit was a waste of his time because we could not do an ultrasound so he 'warned me' that 'this time it better be fun'!  We all stepped into the room and before taking her seat my daughter told the technician " I am having a little sister"!
The lady was amused! We got started with the ultrasound and many goofy comments from the kids and them the techinician said "the baby have girl parts" and she went on to show and explain about the three lines....
Yes girl parts, it's a girl!!!!
Our dear technician was very professional and obviously very patient as she took time to explain things and answer the children's question. She was also pretty entertained by them. At one time she had to pause and laugh silently at something that my middleson had told his dad! (Nothing rude or crazy just funny and unexpected. He is the kind of kids that say things that just make you shake your head! The kind that acts goofy and say some of the most clever things!)

When my hubby realized that the woman was taking a moment to control her discreet laugh he asked me what he had missed! Having kids in an ultrasound is not something you should do all the time! But mine are homeschooled and I felt that it's a great learning experience as well as a great bonding experience! daughter had her wish! I shared the news right after leaving the doctor's office with a friend in Atl who was extactic and started screaming with excitement and speaking blessings over the baby and I! She had called me in the morning while I was heading to the hospital and we actually talked for a while as I was waiting for my midwife. I told her I would try to get an ultrasound done and she had me promised to give her a call after I found out! Could not do the ultrasound in the morning so my hubby worked it out for an afternoon visit!He knew I was disappointed and did not want to wait another day! (God bless caring men)!

 Upon returning home I also shared it with one of my neighbor who has been my greatest cheerleader! She was anxiously waiting (lol)! I called her on my way home and told her that I would tell her when I see her instead of telling her on the phone! On my way to my afternoon's visit my kids took her and another neighbor some cupcakes they had made. The kids and I promised to get back with them right after the ultrasoundt! I kept my word and visited one right after and she later called the other  friend/neighbor to share the good news!

The other friend/neighbor came by my house hours after with this cute gift below! The baby's first booties! My daughter showed them off to her dad when he came home and said " Look dad that's for my little sister"!

Picture of pink baby girl booties!

each time we would go shopping my daughter would show me cute outfits and say 'Buy this for my little sister" so she was very excited that someone did offer something today to her little sister!
It's a beautiful thing to have loving people around and have a wish ( my daughter's wish) come true! I am so grateful that my daughter was granted the privilege to experience that! She was so convinced that she was having a sister that the ultrasound made no difference for her, but it did for us.

After all the excitement of sharing it with just 6 people I went on with my afternoon...
decorating the cake my oldest son made,

fixing tonight's entree and

feeding baby and I some simple and quick tuna sandwiches ( could not wait till dinner time)!

So all of you who guessed that it would be a girl, great guess! It was actually what I believed too and kept telling my hubby! So that's the second time in a row that  my 'instinct' have proven me right as it relates to pregnancy!

My twin sister was right, my daughter's conviction was no different from mine 5 years ago when I prayed God to bless me with a daughter. Now she's the one whose wish came true fora little sister of her own!

I am grateful! For the experience and for all the angels God is bringing in my life through this journey. The journey continues and I realize that there are more lessons to learn in all that than the outcome of an ultrasound!
What do you think?

Hope this simple story and the illustration of my daughter's confidence would inspire any one of you who dare praying and wishing for something!

For those who believe in God she illustrated so many lessons about the power of words, the power of thinking, the power of intense desire and just not letting go of what she wanted and believed inspite of the odds! I teach my children to pray and tell them to trust God but at the end children seem to be the one showing us HOW to actually trust! Didn't the wise Jesus said that we should have faith like them?

Homeschooling my children and observing them so closely have showed me that though we are responsible for teaching and guiding them, they are themselves amazing and profound teachers! My daughter did not need an ultrasound technician to tell me what she knew! The name Imani means "believe God/faith". She believed God for her own sister and now...little sister is on the way. May God continues to bless my pregnancy and all of you reading those words!



Monday, August 22, 2011

Is it a Boy or a Girl?Finding the sex of the baby!

Hello dear!
Hope all is well with you as you read and visit this site. If not I pray that something here just bring a smile to your face and brighten your day in some ways!

It's soon time for my ultrasound and finding the sex of the baby. I am so excited and nervous! Everyone around me seem to be rooting for a girl and my daughter wants a little sister so much! My oldest son wish for another little sister as well, just so that Imani ( my daughter) will get off their back some! She has two big brothers she likes to boss around inspite of her birthplace as the baby girl! She keeps claiming that she will get a baby sister and she cries each time we try to tell her that we do not know for sure just yet! I am feeling the pressure (smiles)! Will she have a little sister?
 Or will it be a little brother? What do you think? Umm when I find out I will let you know!

It's interesting how knowing the sex of the baby can be so important to some of us!
One friend of mine who has two boys was so sad to know at her 21st week ultrasound that it 'seems like another boy'! At 25 weeks they told her that they had made an error and it's a girl! I tell you she's so excited! So is the rest of her family! Her sons actually want a little sister as well!

I have another pregnant friend who is waiting till the delivery day to find out! She doesn't care to know the sex of the baby! I sure can't roll like that! I just want to know and start shopping! I have actually started shopping for baby items! Kohls had some great sales recently so I bought both boys and girls clothes!
What I won't need will make a great gift for future occasions! We always know someone with a baby and getting a $18 outfit for $3.97 is a great deal! Don't you think?  I will share pictures of my purchases later on.

It's 12:46 am at the moment I am writing this and my head hurts, better get some sleep I actually have a doctor's visit in the morning!
I am at 18 weeks and some days. I don't know if it would be too early for finding the baby's sex! One of my neighbor found the sex of her baby girl as early as 16 weeks. It was during the Christmas holidays last year and she felt she had to know so that her family and friends could take advantage of the Holiday season to get her some baby gifts!

Any expectant parent reading this?What about you?Do you already know the sex of your baby? Was it what you hoped for? Whatever the sex, I wish all expecting parents a healthy baby!

To any expecting readers: congrats and happy pregnancy to you! To anyone just enjoying reading about baby stuffs thanks for being here! Please join the site if you are new here and let's share this journey and other health journeys together!

To good health! Have a great week you all!