Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation Idea: Good things in Huntsville ALabama

Hello everybody!

Summer is almost over and I was going through some of the pleasant moments of the past months and it occurred to me that I have no shared with you my day trip to 'Sweet Home Alabama'!
 I visited Hunstville Alabama for the first time back in March and my time there was very pleasant and refreshing!

 If you are like most people you are probably thinking "what is there to do in Alabama?"
Well I am glad you asked because I am about to show you!
Ooooh let me tell you, I got to see the country side I have never seen and I also got to see that Alabama is not all that country after all! That is if you go where I am heading!!!

The road trip was peaceful....

We passed by the bridge below, within an hour and half of leaving Chattanooga, TN. I believe it's around Bridgeport AL.

We passed in front of some of the greenest and largest pastures I had ever seen.

Welcome into the countryside!!!

We knew we were  finally in Hunstville when we passed by the Space Center above! It's the first thing on my list of thing to visit when we return to Huntsville.

Ok, less than two hours after leaving the house:
  • Here we are:    Bridge Towne Center Hunstville Alabama, my chosen destination for our first trip to Alabama. Since I was in charge of planning this day trip we will see if it met my criteria for
  •  A fun place
  • A place that would offer good options as far eating is concerned,
  •  Be kids and family friendly
  • A place to get some kind of exercise
  • A place to enjoy the outdoors....
  • a place with lots of stores to shop around
I took tons of pictures and I will share quite a few amount with you....
 Follow me through the Bridge Town Center
 enjoy yourself!

Bridge Towne Center, Hunstville Alabama.

Bridge Towne Center, Hunstville Alabama.

We are passing by most stores pretty quickly because the kids are more interested in getting to the canal!Pretty soon we will be on the water!!! Before we get to the canal, we are passing stores like Bebe, Chicos, Antrophology, there's a DSW somewhere around.  The most impressive store to me was Anthropology. The design of the facade was stunning but there were too many people walking around for me to take a picture. Every corner of the inside left me excited....it had so many cute things, refreshing layout, and their candles smelled so good! It's an exceptional store! There are many upscale stores around so as you can see it's a place for fashionistas...

But honestly, I was not visiting the Bridge Towne Center for the shops I was visiting it for the outdoors...

A peek at the Canal@ Bridge Twone Center, Hunstville Alabama,

Bridge Towne Center, Hunstville Alabama,

In case you are getting hungry, you will see below a few options to satisfy your appetite....
beautiful cherry blossom trees @ Bridge Town Center, Hunstville AL, Spring 2011.
My mom and I, as true gardeners, were constantly admiring the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom!

Bridge Towne Center, Hunstville Alabama Spring 2011

Frozen Yogurts are a very healthy alternative to ice cream and my calories conscious mom ordered from Orange Tree a frozen yogurt  she was very pleased with...

Orange Tree @ Bridge Town Center Huntsville Alabama

Moving along...
NOW...heading to the canal...something truly cool to do for outdoors lovers...
My kids noticed the fish in the water and were busy feeding the catfish while we were purchasing our tickets for....

The kids had fun feeding the catfish

The canal @ Bridge Street Town center Huntsville Alabama.

Who would have expected a little touch of Venice right here in Huntsville Alabama?

 Our cruise on the canal begins with some interesting Captains...

 Humm... it's not Venice but it's still nice isn't it?

The canal @ Bridge Street Town Center, Hunstville Alabama


The canal @ Bridge Street Towne Center, Hunstville Alabama

The canal @ Bridge Town Center, Hunstville Alabama, a peek at the rocket from the Space center

The Westin Hotel @ Bridge Street Towne Center, Hunstville Alabama

On the canal@ Bridge Street Towne Center, Huntsville Alabama

Bridge Street Towne Center, Huntsville Alabama

The Melting Pot restaurant, view from the Canal @ Bridge Street Towne Center Hunstville AL

 Returning on dry land with one purpose in mind....

GOT To EAT!!!!
 We were told by the young man assisting us  at the dock that Connors has some delicious shrimps and that the Vodoo shrimps were so good that they can't be described...you just have to taste and see for yourself....Humm I was intrigued so we are heading to Connors...

We studied the menu for a little while and ...

went for a fully loaded baked potatoe, as our side dish. This is truly a no no if you are counting the calories...but since I rarely order that, and I knew I was going to burn some of those calories I went ahead and indulged.

Here is the loaded baked potatoe...

They provided...

My dear hubby selected some catfish...
 and I went for the Vodoo Shrimps! They were good! Ok, good is an understatement! They were fantastic!

I must tell you, it was a great selection! You all know I love bread right! I was not impressed with the bread at Connors.  The Bone Fish Grill, J.Alexander's restaurant & the Macaroni Grill have some of the best bread to my taste...BUT the shrimp and the catfish were totally worth eating!
Our server informed us that the Chop House is actually a sister restaurant of Connors. Connors specializes in seafood and the Chop House apparently specializes in steaks.

Now more walking around because I need to burn some of those calories ...now you know that no visit in the deep south is complete unless you enjoyed some Bluuuues.....

He insisted that I take a " good picture" of him and his guitar's case once I told him that it was for my blog. He asked me what I was going to do with the pictures when I told him he wanted me to come right in front of him and was glad that I would offer him some free PR...So here we go...our blues musician...

Alabama Blues Man @ Bridge Town center Huntsville ALabama

Alabama Blues man @ Bridge Street Towne Center Hunstville ALabama.

Bridge Street Town center Hunstville Alabama
Monaco Pictures @ Bridge Street Towne Center Hunstville ALabama

Monaco Pictures movie theater @ Bridge Towne Center Huntsville Alabama!

Time to head on home...thanks for the love Hunstville... see you next time...

Passing by the Space center, Huntsville Alabama





That's it for our day trip to Huntsville ALabama! Hope you enjoyed it!