Friday, May 13, 2011

The benefits of exercising -Introduction

Hello you all! This is a quick note because I am ready to venture through this rain here and go do some shoppiiiing. Naaah not clothes. I am shopping for some craft material and inspiration for the cards I have to design for a few customers! I will share those pictures soon on my craft blog! (Click the Card's picture on the top right to access the link)

I wanted to take a minute to encourage you to take your week-end to plan your healthier life!

The weather is getting better so no more excuses that you can't walk because it's too cold or don't feel like going to the gym etc!
Having some sunshine and this much needed Vitamin D that your body needs to fight some laziness, boost your mood and get you more active is certainly a plus to plan a successful regimen this Spring)
Okay, so the weather is no longer cold but now it's getting warmer and heat can discourage you to work out just as fast as the cold did! Don't make excuses and don't despair just keep reading for inspiration...

First of all, if you have a problem staying disciplined or having a strong jumpstart, just do this :
 Plan your workout, write it down in your planner, as a reminder, whatever but just like you make an appointment to go to the dentist mark it!!!!
If you plan on spending 30 minutes-1hr walking, doing an aerobic class once or three days a week, write it down! By doing this you will be motivated, committed and accountable, to yourself at least!
Think about it this way, many things in life seem to have enough priority for you to do it and ensure that you do it, well...isn't your health a priority? No but!!! Write it down!!!

If you don't like working out alone find a work-out buddy but please DO not use it as an excuse! If you have a work out buddy who can't make it to some of your planned workouts do not use it as an excuse to cancel it unless it's late in the evening! If you have to work out alone then do it! You are first responsible for your own health so do not use a lack of partner as an excuse!  Only you know how important it is for you to be fit! Nobody can't make you healthier unless you want it for yourself! Your efforts might actually motivate others to follow your lead as they watch you being so committed and getting results!

Two: If you intend on exercising outdoors please plan it in the morning before 10 a.m if you can (on a hot day)! Do it before it heats up! Or after 2:30 pm. Regardless of the time of day preferrably look for shade, pick a path, a park, an area where you can benefit from some shade.

 If you can't work out in  the morning do it in the evening! Ladiiies, please take a buddy with you if you plan on excersing in the later parts of the day. I recommend exercising before it gets dark but as long as you pick a safe area in the company of a strong and brave man by your side I suppose you will be allllriiight!!! Do not go out late and alone now! I say exercise but I am also saying be safe and smart! No need to endanger yourself by being brave and trying to go on a walk or run in late hours.

Three: Wear appropriate clothing each time you exercise and for added safety ladies limit jewelry and keep you hair pulled in a ponytail. You will be surprised by how many accidents can occur with our hair looses or a necklace,bracelet or rings getting caught in something!

Four: When exercising outdoors keep your safety in mind, be aware of your surroundings, tell someone where you are going and how long to expect you gone, depending on the form of exercise and where you are heading keep an emergency card/IDwith you and always carry some water with you.

Five: Last but not least for today: Always drink some water before, during and after you are exercising especially if it's longer than 20-30 minutes! Dehydration is dangerous for your body in more ways than you think!

Okay got to go, hope this post motivates you to get rolling! Have a great week-end!