Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to make a delicious cappuccino.

                My recipe for a delicious cappucino & a beautiful day

We are told to smell the roses each time we are encouraged to relax, take it easy and enjoy life. For a gardener like me I don't just limit myself to smelling the roses, I need to smell the Coffee as well to have a brighter day. You know... make it a " beautiful morning". During my pregnancy I had to limit my daily intake but I would literally open the cupboards and sniff the coffee. Smelling the coffee made me feel soooo much better.

If you are a coffee drinker I hope this post will make you smile!

I am not addicted to coffee by any means ( yes I say it humbly, they are people way worst), one to two cups a day is enough to make me happy especially when I have a lot to get done and I need a 'happy' boost!!!

Okay my own little disclaimer here before we get rolling:Too much coffee is not healthy but being happy is a healthy thing !!!

So today I wanted to simply share my own recipe for homemade cappuccino and share my happiness.

 My sister in-law was visiting recently and when I offered her some coffee she replied that she wasn't a coffee person and wasn't very familiar with cappuccinos. I offered to make her a cup and she asked to have just a little.
 I made her half a cup. She complained at first that I had given her too much but when I asked her minutes later if she liked it, she raised her empty cup and flipped it upside down to show me there wasn't even a drop left in it ...her proof that she liiiiiked.  So I figured...if she liked it why not 'show her how I do it'...

This is just my personal version I want to learn yours so please share your tips. If you have never made one please try this recipe and let me know how you like it!!!

My Ingredients:
  • Coffee grounds.
African coffee is (with Brazilian brands of course) my favorite. After all I grew up on the motherland!!! Coffee from Ivory Coast

Image of African coffee grounds from Ivory Coast

 is the best from the continent if you ask me, but oh well that's just my biais opinion.
  • Sugar. I prefer brown sugar

  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Flavoring syrup. I love Hazelnut
  • Milk.  I prefer Silk Almond milk instead of dairy.
  • Whip cream would be yuuummmy but optional. I stopped using it as much as I used to just because I am watching the calories,otherwise it's a great indulgence!!!
  • One of many favorite cups/mugs of course!!!

Okay so what do I do?
Make the coffee as usual,
foam or warm my 1/4 cup milk ( I prefer to warm about a cup or more on the stove my kids love to drink the warm leftover).

Ready: A tablespoon of Hazelnut syrup, pour coffee in the mug, add milk, brown sugar, add a little bit of honey stir, top with whip cream ( optional) and add cinnamon.
 And voila!!!

Why Cinnamon? It not only adds flavor but also helps with weight loss soooo it's a way to limit the damage and have a drink packed with flavor!!!

What's your favorite morning drink? How do you make it?
Never had or made a cappuccino? Try and let me know how you like it!
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