Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Natural Pregnancy: Feeling good and some preggo pictures


How are you?  Hope you are enjoying this new season.
Fall is officially here and I couldn't be happier. I love FALL!  It's like the best season to be pregnant! Don't you think? Well, I think so.

I must say that the previous months I was not convinced that a preggo woman get her energy back during the second trimester. I was just not as energetic as I feel right now. Maybe I am finally having a boost of energy now that I am entering the third trimester, maybe it's mental and it's the fact that I love the Fall season so much that it makes me feel that energetic. Either way, I am feeling verrrryyyy good.

The change in weather is benefiting me in many ways.
I am no longer complaining of the hot summer days.
The landscape is becoming such a treat to admire. Watching the changes in the trees during my walks or even from my chair as I type bring me many smiles which of course would play a great role in one feeling so good!
The breeze is a gift from heaven as I now enjoy more frequent walks.

During the previous months getting myself to go on a walk was a chore. I had to mentally prep myself. Now, I just can't wait to be up in the morning and walk alone or enjoy an afternoon stroll in the company of a sweet friend and neighbor. I even walk my dog very late at night sometimes because I just can't seem to have enough of the beautiful weather that makes it harder for me to stay still!

I was actually walking with my afternoon companion earlier when we ran into other neighbors and one asked how I am doing. My answer of course was
" Good, I'm doing good"
It felt good to say " Gooood" I am doing good" well I am doing good most days says it but today I feeeelt good from the inside out!

There's something good in the air. Maybe it's just mental but honestly the Fall air seems to bring me something good!
So what about you? How are you enjoying this new season?

Another thing a neighbor asked me earlier is " How many weeks are you ?" and I answered that I don't even know!
Can you believe that? I am asked all the time how many weeks I am and I keep saying that I don't know. Truth be told I stopped counting since week 12.  No particular reasons, I just did. My very good friend and neighbor Ashley M-C
 that was there replied for me " she's just enjoying" or something like that. And it's true! I am not counting and I am just going with the flow enjoying the process.

But some of you want to see some preggo pictures so I decided to count how many weeks I am today as I share some preggo pictures!

So here I am at 24 weeks:

Pregnancy week 24 picture.
A picture taken last night after I returned from an afternoon walk with my neighbor Miriam.

A picture taken over an hour ago after I returned from another walk with Miriam.

Pregnancy week 24 picture.

So... voila for some recent preggo pictures! A friend who has not seen me in months told me on Monday that I got darker! Thanks the Sunshine State for my recent natural tan! The heat in Orlando got me a nice tan from each time I would go on a walk or take the kids to the pool.

A month ago...

Sometimes last month, returning from time at the mall with my neighbors Miriam and Ashley M-C...

Alright I am out of here for tonight! Love you all and thanks for stopping by!

Be blessed!