Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weight loss tips: How to lose weight like the Biggest Losers & follow Bob Harper'sweight loss tips

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Are you familiar with Bob Harper Skinny rules? Well I figured I will just give you the 7 skinny rules he offers in his book The Skinny Rules. Bod Harper is one of te trainer in the TV weight loss series the Biggest Losers!

1) Drink a large glass of water before every meal no excuses.

2) Don't drink your calories. Unless you are juicing at home or making smoothies he recommands staying away fron drinks that will make you gain weight ( sodas, fruit juices, alcohol ...)

3) Eat proteins at every meal or stay hungry and grouchy

4) Slash your intake of flours and grains

5) Eat 30-50 g of fibers every day

6) Eat apples and berries everyday.  I think he should have mentionned grapefruits and celeries too.

7) No carbs after lunch. Snack on fibers, proteins, vefetables and fresh fruits. No dried fruits.

What most people don't know is that dried fruits have more calories than the fresh version!!!

Which one of the following rules is easier for your? Which one is more challenging?

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