Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Natural pregnancy: What not to wear, my pregnancy fashion dilemmas

Alright, I never considered myself as one needing an intervention when it comes to clothing but I am seriously getting frustrated here. I am 25 weeks pregnant and fashionably challenged.

I was going through my closet, putting away the summer dresses and visiting my storage for Fall dresses that I could use.
Umm...the experience was almost depressing...
I can't fit in my only pair of jeans ( I mainly wear dresses and skirts).
I can't keep wearing summer dresses.
My sweater dresses which used to make my  FAll and Winter signature style are not cooperating with my preggo figure.

So I tried my dresses from last year and the sweater dresses looked like .....

...the sweater dresses looked like.....they looked like sweaters not like dresses.  The dresses are now minis thanks to my growing baby girl in my tummy.
 I could have humoured you by showing you what I look like in my sweater dresses  but I'll pass and save you the tears and the stomach ache.

Okay...a picture...just one....

 You might think that it's not that bad but that was one of two dresses that cared to pass my waist! I think it would have been fine if I did not have curves and if I was more liberal in my wardrobe. But personally I can't wear this in public because I feel like it's too short for my modest taste!

The dresses and the style are cute. But as a preggo woman I will have to be desperate to wear something this short  in public and I don't care to wear them at home either because... got to whisper... that would only get hubby more excited. So forget the "mini"...the sweater dresses are going back in storage...

I could only salvage the sweater dress below!
Pregnancy week 25  picture
(&the only sweater dress that looks right)!

( on a side note here please don't ask me what's wrong with my plant. I think it's inspired by the tower of Pisa    or just crave so much  sunlight that it's leaning like nut toward the East)

~Back to my Fall wardrobe drama....

You see I believe that not everything look right on everyone. Or what looked right on me at one point just can't  necessarily look right with my preggo figure.
So being pregnant during the Fall is forcing me to consider the fact that I might be wearing sweatpants more often but there's one issue. I am not a sweatpants girl.
I like to feel feminine and the reflection of myself in sweatpants make me feel lazy and sick. I wear them verrrrry rarely.

Sure I still have loads of dresses that I can wear with tights and a cute jacket that can't zip all the way because of my belly... but the weather is getting cooler and I just can't afford catching a cold for the sake of looking fly!

So since I just can't complain I got to Work something out! I believe that most problems have a solution and the solution here is this:

                                I will have to go shopping!!!

On the shopping list:

*sweater dresses in a bigger size.
*I would love a pair of maternity jeans. Found some at Target that I love but they are so long that they will require alteration; not sure that it's worth it for just 3 more months!
*Some new boots! I know I can still fit in my old boots but since I got to watch my balance I will need boots with low heels!That sounds like an excuse to get some new shoes doesn't it? Well it is,and it's a good excuse because I:

Yup! "I can do anything with the right shoes"!

Shopping with a credit card and going on a shopping spree in designer stores is NOT an option and I can't have a private consultation with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly ( of the TLC show What Not to wear) to help me in the process.

I will just have to ask myself what they would recommend to a frugal preggo woman on a budget because I enjoy shopping only when I see signs like this one!

If I can't find some great sales I guess I will try stores like Ross, Marshall and T.J Max and see if I can be a Maxamista even with a preggo figure!

Bye bye summer dresses and welcome Fall Preggo Fashion! Something that's an adventure in itself!!!! Not sure what I will come up with.... but... we will see! Stop by and see how the  Fall preggo wardrobe is evolving!

Do you have any suggestion?