Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good eat: A taste for Thai food @ Rain Thai Bistro

   My previous article was on Thailand and since "Thailand's on my mind" and I since love to eat international food, I figured that a trip to a local Thai restaurant was a pretty timely way to satisfy my desire of anything Thai...

When I am hungry for Thai food, I normally go to a small restaurant downtown Chattanooga, called “Thai Smiles”. This  past Sunday my hubby suggested we tried a restaurant closer to the house right next to our gym. So we tried RAIN a Thai Bistro, located in the Hamilton Place Mall area in East Brainerd Chattanooga TN.

Rain Thai Bistro Chattanooga TN

Rain Thai Bistro Chattanooga TN.

 Before we even got seated, a young lady who recognized us from a different restaurant she used to work at, came to us and teased us that we were following her. After the little chit chat I asked her my favorite question "What do you recommend"? She mentionned that her favorite is the Fried rice.

Menu @ Rain Thai Bistro Chattanooga TN.

Not knowing what to expect, I selected the Spicy Basil and requested that it be mild to play it safe, because the server had told us that 'Hot' and 'Thai' were truly spicy.
I should have been more adventurous and go for at least 'hot' because ' mild' truly lacked… “dimension”.. It was not spicy at all, the food was good but spicy food takes your taste buds to a different dimension, don't you think? Plus it's actually good for you, for your metabolism... Well...I just think that spicy food is tasty unless you have acid reflux issues or ulcer.

Even though the food was not as spicy as I wanted it was truly good, I had to order an extra side of white rice this was just not enough...

Spicy Basil @ Rain Thai Bistro

Our server Joshua recommended that I try the same dish with noodles instead of rice at my next visit. So I will keep you up to date on that one.

The hubby and the children kept it simple and went for Fried Rice. I had to convince my youngest two that they would love it as they had never had Thai fried rice before.

One of the reasons why I enjoy eating out so much is because I believe that  eating food is an experience to take beyond satisfying our palate. I love being in a nice setting and when I am not eating out I like to create an environment at home that truly brings me a lot of pleasures from what I serve my food in, to my table setting. The Rain  Thain Bistro offered so many little gifts. More that I could capture at my first visit there so stay tuned for more.
I asked the children to tell me about 'Thailand' from what they observed from the decor....
Elephants, tropical flowers, bamboo trees, buddhist art, water fountains, the Buddha, etc...the beautiful environment certainly reflected Thailand' on a tiny scale.

Whispering : It's soothing to have such nice decor in the restroom but ever better when the restrooms are very clean and they were very clean yeaah!!!

I just like the sink...

Outdoor fountain at Rain Thai Bistro

Well that's it for our delightful time at Rain Thai Bistro I am heading through that back door to the Asian Market where I get my Green Tea from...

But before I leave you, I wanted to invite you to check my friend's Lala's video. She's a new vegetarian and interesting enough her first cooking video is about a Thai dish...Aren't you curious to know what her 'Taste for Thai food' was a few weeks ago?

So what have you had a taste for lately? Thai food by any chance? If so what would you recommend? The 'Bangkok chicken" at "Thai Smiles" downtown Chattanooga is truly my favorite local 'Thai dish'.