Saturday, April 7, 2012

Natural hair: How to transition from relaxers to natural hair

Natural hair: 
How to transition from relaxers to natural hair.
                 10 Tips for easy transitioning
                              by N'na

I have transitioned for over a year before enjoying my natural texture and have learned a few things over this incredible journey. Going natural has taught me more patience than I had and opened my life to so many new things. Below are some of my tips that have made my experience enjoyable.
1) Do not rush to big chop. Cutting you hair is not the only way to go natural.

2) Do your homework and ask a lot of questions.

3)Make up your mind and have peace with your decision.

4) Deep condition you hair at least every two weeks for healthy hair.

5) Continue getting your hair professionally done or caring for it in the best of your abilities. Going natural is not an excuse to neglect your hair. Preferably stick to hairdressers who are experienced in treating and styling natural hair.

6) Get you hair trimmed as needed. Cutting your ends gradually will facilitate its growth and the transition to natural hair.

7) Use products and treatments that work best for you hair. You can use protective styles, products from professional brands with no paraben and/or  kitchen/natural products such as coconut oil, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, Shea butter.

8) Love the process and be patient. A transition is just that, a journey to a chosen destination. It's a special time worth enjoying and impatience can influence you to make decisions you might not be pleased with.

9) Surround yourself with supportive people and if the ones closest to you are slow to share you excitement, remain confident in yourself. Our loved ones will always turn around because at the end, all they care about is our happiness.

When you don't get the support you expected remind yourself that it's not personal they just want you to make the right decision based on  their own belief system.
If you are married or have a boyfriend it's important to have his support and his input. Do not neglect your man's opinion and tactfully show him why going natural is best for you. 
I was very fortunate to have my husband's support from the get go but I have always valued his input in the process as we discussed very frequently the beauty of natural hair.

10) Attitude is everything. Beauty is a whole package deal. It's not just hair so as you learn to take great care of your hair take great care of the whole you as well.

We would love to learn from you. Are you new to transitioning or have you been doing it for a while? How long? What's your tips to transitioning? Which one of the tips above best relate to your journey?



  1. Number 3 and 10 are so spot on.

    1. Hi Jenjen
      You are so right so many people spend so much time second guessing themselves or focusing on one facet of beauty that them miss the whole point of being beautifully natural!