Thursday, August 9, 2012

Natural hair Journey: Jahia's story

I know for people with natural hair,or those thinking about embarking in this journey, it's always good to learn more about others who have committed themselves to this hair- lifestyle. As most stories show, there is more to a person than her natural hair. My friend Jahia's is proof of it. I hope her story will inspire you.

1) What made you decide to become natural?
I'm not really sure, it wasn't anything that was planned, I just stood in the mirror one day and did it !

 2) How long have you been natural?
I've been natural for 2 years now.

 3) What are some of the challenges you encountered as a natural?
There is only one challenge and that is that I'm too lazy sometimes to do my hair ( I need to practice what I preach).

 4) What are to you the most rewarding things about being natural?
Most rewarding is, I see me, I have found a new love for myself, I am accepting how the Creator made me and I'm fine with it.

5) What products work best for you? What products were the least satisfying?
 The best products are the ones I make at home and Least satisfying are all the ones with ingredients that I can't pronounce.

 6) What's your favorite style?
My favorite are twist out and puffs.

 7) How do you maintain your hair?
 I deep condition and steam once a week , I do a lot of co-washing, once a month I detox my hair with a clay mask and apple cider vinegar.

8) What advice would you give anyone who is considering going natural?
Go for it and embrace the true you, never let anyone tell you that you aren't beautiful.

 9) Beside having natural hair is there other ways in your life where you are embracing a more healthy and natural lifestyle? If yes how?

Eating proper food, exercising and using lots of herbs for healing , mediation, and praying.

 10) You created a Facebook  group called Naturally fierce.With did you create your group and what's your vision for the group?
I created this group to help other Sistahs walk trough this journey of being Natural. Many of us never had the chance to embrace our curls coils and kinks. I was new to all this "NATURAL" thing. So I want to create a group where everyone can post, ask question, share knowledge. We are here to teach each other.

I appreciate Jahia's story and as a member of Natural Fierce myself (on Facebook), I can attest that the support is always a blessing. Is there anything about Jahia's story that particularly speak to you? Jahia's answers to questions #4 & #8 are what speak to me the most. They resonate self-esteem, something most women can use more of. What do you think? Are you natural or intersted in going natural? What attracts you most to natural hair?
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