Thursday, May 5, 2011

Healthy Kids (& adults too): Let's Move! Everybody move your body!

Hellloooo you all!!! I hope all is well with you and as the weather gets much better, in most part of the country, I hope you are seriously doing something about your health!  A little while ago I expressed the importance of fighting childhood obesity and as you know from most of my articles aside from addressing obesity I greatly encourage
an active and healthy lifestyle!
As you can see this video is fantastic, dancing is such a great way to have fun and burn some calories!

But moving and fun do not always require any fancy musical beats and lyrics or any fancy room, it can be simple and totally natural....

(Picture found online) I do not know the location of the children above but I can tell they are having a good time, they are moving and they are proof that it doesn't take much to please kids...

(Picture found online of children in Thailand)! I love to see children being creative and using discarded objects as toys! Fun and moving can obviously be a great combination of creativity and simplicity! What adds charm to the picture is that I could classify their 'toy'as a Green toy! An old tire can bring great entertainment to children as you can see on the girl's sweet little face!  Well... an organized activity such as having your kids be part of an organization like these young soccer players  is also a way to get children moving and ensure that they stay active as you can see from this picture found on the link of an organization called Camp Shane! The Green factor here is that they are outdoors but another 'green factor' is quite obvious. The last 'Green factor' I am referring to here is money! It takes nice dollar bills for activities at this organization! But I am confident that when it comes to children's health its well worth the expense!Judging by all the exposure Camp Shane has received in the media they must be worth the investment!

 Camp Shane is in NY, Arizona and California, it's actually a youth weight loss camp that have been featured on TV on shows such Dr.Phil, Tyra Banks, 20/20, etc for their success in fighting childhood obesity! It's obviously not like any other summer camp! How many summer camps even have a weight loss resort?Well, I just don't know too many!

Now, a look at the special individual behind the Let's Move campaign that inspired this very article!
First Lady Michelle Obama!

Thankfully this nation is blessed with the leadership of a First Lady who is greatly conscious of the overall health of her nation and deeply care about the well being of her people. She has enlisted everyone and anyone including celebrities like Beyonce to assist in her efforts to fight childhood obesity and motivates children as well as adults to take care of their health. In sharing the selected videos I hope that youth and adults alike will find the motivation and inspiration they need to
get moving!

For more good videos on the subject of children's health please check the article

I hope the videos and many of the ones you will come across will inspire you to get moving! You might or might not be a fan of any of the individuals specifically mentioned in this article and it's not about being their fans! It's about being aware that:
  •  your health matters
  •  children's health matters
  •  healthy children are the future of a nation
  • there are many good reasons why you should get moving
  • there are may ways that you can get moving
  • there are simple things that we can do to be healthy
  • small changes can have a huge impact
  • you are not alone we are all in it together
  • we all deserve a better body and a better life
So...To a healthy you and to your better body and to your better life, the natural way!!! Let's Move!

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Freely share all your comments and thoughts as you never know who you might be inspiring!!! 

 What do you think about the First Lady Let's Move campaign? What are ways that you can start moving? How have you been moving? Isn't it cool and interesting that one of the first thing she mentions is the kitchen garden?I think it is! (Check my previous article for a peek at my container kitchen garden)!