Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fitness Motivation for weight Loss " Show UP"

Transformation & Throwback Thursday!

 Here's sort of my double whammy with what I pray will be a little motivation for anyone out there on their journey who feels that they are not yet where they want to be.
I honestly wish I was the type who could brag about being at the gym so many times a week or having a block of time dedicated to fitness. But not only I am a mom of 4 with no real support system, but I also homeschool my older children which forces me to be more creative with my time management.
I can't brag either about losing weight fast, I have never been a fast & furious kind of girl. I tend to plan things ahead and take my time and go with the flow. 

 I know what I want to look like eventually, I don't plan on starving myself or sleeping on the treadmill to make it happen.
I don't have any 6 packs pictures to share yet but if there is one thing I strongly believe in, is the concept of SHOWING UP! Even if it's just 15 minutes to an hour! 


 I have learned (took me a while I admit) that the secret isn't to deprive myself of this or that, but to show up, do the work, do my best and stay consistent with what I do before, during and after I show up!
Showing up allowed me to do today things I couldn't even do two years or even 2 months ago! Like wall sit for a minute! Yes, my legs shake like crazy when I do ha ha ha...but I am getting better and that's what keep it fun!



 So wherever you are in your journey, especially if you are just starting, feeling stuck or starting over...keep on keeping up...even if it's just in your driveway!
~ Your goodhealthdiva NB


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