Monday, August 15, 2011

Good things: Words of inspiration...A letter to you....

Hi there,
I don't know what you call this post...Good stuffs, Just goood...
I have had slow day today, dragging my feet, my belly is getting bigger and I am not motivated to exercise and everything seems like...ehhee wait a minute I am NOT here to complain! I am here to share something's not huge. No! I did not win the lottery! (I don't play lottery nor gamble anyway). No! I haven't heard from someone on a distand land...I just...I just read my mails...e-mails....well you might be like..."what's the big deal? We all get mails"... I know...I know we all get emails...
Between the Amazon promotions, blogs subscriptions and some junk mail we receive in our inbox, once in a while we do actually get something worth reading in full. Some messages that have power and healing in their words...

The Title of mine was " DO YOU KNOW"...I am not telling you yet who sent it because you might not even like that person....I am on a mailing list of a certain public figure and yes that person tends to send some pretty inspiring notes at times...but the one today did something to me that made me go like:

Hummm.....(deep breath)
"Thank You Lord" ( three taps on my heart with my right hand)
(Deeep breath and then a smile).

His made mention of a very beautiful song that always has me in tears when I listen to it

Beautiful song right?

This morning my mother called to ask me the recipe of one of my soups. When I hang up with her I smiled and shook my head. Then I remembered that two days ago she came by when we were having breakfast and she asked me to show her how I make my pancakes. My memory took me back to the first time she ate my Shepherd pie when I was in college and how much she likes my chocolate cakes.

Again seems like no big deal except that I was the one child growing up who could care less about cooking and baking. I used to be made fun off each time my family will challenge me to fix something for dinner or bake something. They would purposefully send away for days at a time the private chef and the maid just so that we will be forced to cook. My twin sister showed more interest in baking than I did. All I cared about back then was playing tennis, and just being outdoors. I loved eating (still do) but I had no interest in learning how to cook the things I loved. Funny how things change huh?

I was certainly the last one my parents envisionned to see pleasantly married with children and I can tell you they had no hope of me turning into a decent cook let alone one you ask recipes to! Did my family know that I would turn out okay after all and would they have treated me differently if they knew that the daughter who was the worst cook, the messiest ect would be a neat freak and cook for the pleasure of others?
Parents...don't lose hope on your teenagers please...(smiles)

Looking back at the teenager that could not even cook rice, it's just amusing to me that I am sharing recipes with my mom. The same woman who was seriously concern about my future as a good wife and mother.Ha ha ha... so the message I got today hit a a good way.
I am expecting my 4th child and as a stay home mom and a homeschooler, I have never been happier with my choice to be home with my children. I had a good childhood but I am offering my children more than I ever had. I talking about things money can't buy!

The last question in the message made me think about my children and the one I am expecting. I feel so warm just thinking about them and the GOOD they bring in our lives...

So the message I got in my inbox that lead me to write to you today is quoted in full below.

Please Read! Please READ it....when you do...let it open your heart to GOOD Things....

I don't know anything about you reading, but I simply want to say..if someone did not believe in you in the past, don't beat yourself up and look at all those people who have turn their lives around and can do what no one expected them to do. Look at your own victories and personal successes big or small and just smile today and use it as fuel for a better tomorrow.

This morning I was smiling to myself and I realized one thing: I am not afraid of the future because I have overcame the past! Some people have had some scary past, it's a wonder they are still standing! So when you remember how much you went through and how today is so much better than yesterday. It's make you think about one thing! There's no need to be afraid of the future. If God's on your side let's be long as you stick with will keep on making it...

Thanks for reading!
Love you!

"On to the reason I'm writing. A few days ago, I was in the car on my way to set when we stopped at a red light.  I looked up from my script and saw a father walking across the street holding his son's hand.  The child couldn't have been more then 2 or 3years old, this kid was giddy with joy.  I watched this man and his son go into the park and start running and playing. The light changed and as we drove away, I turned around in the back seat to watch them until they were out of sight. My eyes filled with water, I thought to myself, this is really a strange reaction. I was thinking, why did I have such a strong emotional reaction to this father and son? It didn't take long for me to realize that it was because I never had those kind of experiences, never knew that kind of unconditional joy, never knew what it felt like to be wanted and adored as a child.
Which made me think of this question. I wonder if the man I called 'Daddy' as a child, knew then what he knows now, would he have treated me any differently? If he had known, the little boy that depended on him for food and shelter would grow up to be a man that he would have to depend on for food and shelter, would he have made different choices? I realized that my emotion to that moment was about this man loving his child in the purest sense. No matter what the future holds for that little boy, he will always have that moment with his daddy loving him, for him.
There is an old song written by the Gaither's called, MARY, DID YOU KNOW? It's a beautiful song asking Mary, the mother of Jesus, the question, "Did you know that her baby boy would come to save the world?" The lyrics go on to ask, "Mary did you know that when you kissed the little baby, you kissed the face of God?"  My favorite lyric is this one, "Mary, did you know that the child that you delivered will soon deliver you?" That last line makes me think of my own mother. Before she died she often said to me that she had no idea that her little baby boy would be able to take care of her the way I did. I get so much joy knowing that I could and I did. That lets me sleep at night.   Mom, I thank you! You helped me be able to do that.  God bless you!
I want to leave you with these questions. It's for every parent, the good and the bad. DO YOU KNOW who is in your house? DO YOU KNOW whom you're raising, and will the child that you delivered, have to deliver you in your old age? Think about it, and know that when you kiss that innocent face of your child, you kiss the face of God.
God Bless, talk soon.



  1. that was so beautiful! i can't even begin to explain why.

    i have had difficulties with my own dad...and everything that the writer described about his relationship with his father touched me...even the portion he discussed with relation to his dying touched me, too. :)

    as parents, we always need to give to our children. the things that mean the most are the things we could never buy.

  2. I C.Marie!I am so grateful that you commented and this post was a blessing to you. When I posted it last night I was hesitant and wondered if it was necessary to share all that but I thought that as long as one person get blessed from that it will be worth sharing.I am sorry you had difficulties with your own dad but pray that you can leave a legacy of love and happiness to your kids that they will treasure no matter the things life can throw at us!