Monday, August 22, 2011

Is it a Boy or a Girl?Finding the sex of the baby!

Hello dear!
Hope all is well with you as you read and visit this site. If not I pray that something here just bring a smile to your face and brighten your day in some ways!

It's soon time for my ultrasound and finding the sex of the baby. I am so excited and nervous! Everyone around me seem to be rooting for a girl and my daughter wants a little sister so much! My oldest son wish for another little sister as well, just so that Imani ( my daughter) will get off their back some! She has two big brothers she likes to boss around inspite of her birthplace as the baby girl! She keeps claiming that she will get a baby sister and she cries each time we try to tell her that we do not know for sure just yet! I am feeling the pressure (smiles)! Will she have a little sister?
 Or will it be a little brother? What do you think? Umm when I find out I will let you know!

It's interesting how knowing the sex of the baby can be so important to some of us!
One friend of mine who has two boys was so sad to know at her 21st week ultrasound that it 'seems like another boy'! At 25 weeks they told her that they had made an error and it's a girl! I tell you she's so excited! So is the rest of her family! Her sons actually want a little sister as well!

I have another pregnant friend who is waiting till the delivery day to find out! She doesn't care to know the sex of the baby! I sure can't roll like that! I just want to know and start shopping! I have actually started shopping for baby items! Kohls had some great sales recently so I bought both boys and girls clothes!
What I won't need will make a great gift for future occasions! We always know someone with a baby and getting a $18 outfit for $3.97 is a great deal! Don't you think?  I will share pictures of my purchases later on.

It's 12:46 am at the moment I am writing this and my head hurts, better get some sleep I actually have a doctor's visit in the morning!
I am at 18 weeks and some days. I don't know if it would be too early for finding the baby's sex! One of my neighbor found the sex of her baby girl as early as 16 weeks. It was during the Christmas holidays last year and she felt she had to know so that her family and friends could take advantage of the Holiday season to get her some baby gifts!

Any expectant parent reading this?What about you?Do you already know the sex of your baby? Was it what you hoped for? Whatever the sex, I wish all expecting parents a healthy baby!

To any expecting readers: congrats and happy pregnancy to you! To anyone just enjoying reading about baby stuffs thanks for being here! Please join the site if you are new here and let's share this journey and other health journeys together!

To good health! Have a great week you all!



  1. Hey... I am wishing you all the best with the appointment... my guess is on a girl :-) ...

    hope you are well.... stay blessed

  2. So excited for you!!!!! :)

    Can't wait to find out!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  3. I had my appointment this morning but could not do the ultrasound because they were booked!So I am returning in one hour to get it done at 3pm I can't wait!
    Thanks ladies!

  4. nna congartualtions on finding out what the sex of your baby is. i know as i write now you already should know this so congratulations cant wait to hear it too. god is faithful and true. it must be a wonderful moment when you find out if u r having a boy or a girl. cant wait to know... lve your blog by the way, you are made for this. its an encouragement and in jesus name you will go places with this.

  5. To my anonymous encourager!Not knowing who you are is kind of a torture for an inquisitive person like me but you are BLESSING! I greatly appreciate all your kind words and your encouragements about the blog! Thank you sooooo much!
    oh yes I finally know the sex of the baby...I am happy because my "instinct" was so accurate.I will not spoil it! Please read my upcoming posts! I enjoy your company here! Reading you very soon I hope!