Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shrimp soup for the soul and a good night sleep


I slept soooo good last night!Woke up to another cold and rainy day though but I had a good night sleep and I am in a good mood! I love Saturdays so much!Don't you?! Be honest, yesterday you were probably going TGIF!!! I tend to put myself on a Sabbath come Friday evening. Last night I decided to unplug. No Internet, no TV. It has been a cold and rainy day and the week had been a  busy one but a very good one. All I wanted was as quiet night.
I got it by enjoying a warm bowl  of Shrimp bisque soup , talking on the phone to a new friend in Atlanta to get a recipe from her and spending an hour on a prayer conference line with over 3, 700 people on the line. After that I took 20 mns to write in my gratitude journal things I am grateful for.  I had so much to be grateful for, lot of good news, good things going on in my friends' lives, it always cheer me up!

Peaceful dinner with no TV and no Internet and soothing classical music.
   I then got ready for bed by starting my beauty sleep regimen after drinking my last cup of tea for the day.

I poured some almond oil in a small ramekin and started my beauty treatment by dipping my fingers in almond oil and rubbing it on my face in circular motion . I applied  some almond oil on my  hair before wearing my silk cap. I massaged my feet with almond oil before fitting them in my spa socks , and then massaged my hands with almond oil before heading for bed. I sprayed my sheets and pillows with some lavender linen spray and within minutes I was out for the count. 

My room was offering the right atmosphere since 8 pm. I had already dimmed all the lights, been playing some peaceful classical music in the living room to aid my children to fall at sleep and quiet my mind.  The air in my room was filled with the scent of chamomile and soothing my mind! Yeah to aromatherapy! (smiles)
 If you don't know it lavender and chamomile have relaxing  properties. Lavender and Chamomile teas are some of the best tea selection for times when you just need to relax regardless of the time of the day
Soooo.... if you need  a good night sleep, create a peaceful ritual and try aromatherapy, teas etc instead of relying on prescription drugs you see in TV commercials that have their ugly set of side effects. Try creating a sleep and relaxation inducing environment in your room, remove the clutter, have some nice light blocking curtains and blinds and treat yourself to simple things like soft music, a cup of soothing tea, the scent of a candle or room midst and a few moments to reflect quietly on your day and cast your cares. This is a cheaper and healthier alternative to running to prescription drugs as the only tool for improving your sleep. It's worth  trying!!!  Don't you think?!
Psalm 4:4 says  In peace I will lie down and sleep for You alone oh Lord will keep me safe.
I feel like connecting to God once again before bedtime gives me so much peace as I cast on Him my cares of the day and reset my mind for the day ahead.

My small bedtime basket. Keeping my goodies close by to remind me to pamper myself every night.
Well, this little ritual is my way of living, or sleeping I should say.  When I add all those ingredients like I did last night I am always guaranteed a peaceful night, sleeping tight like a baby (smiles).  I think we all deserve to spoil ourselves after a long day. That's my precious way of doing it. Work is important, so is a good night sleep, it's a reward and a necessity for a day well lived!
Well what about you? Do you have any problem sleeping at night? Do you have something that aid you relax and sleep more peacefully? What do you do to get your beauty sleep?


  1. loving this post! Its so true. once you turn away from the bachelorette and the net, you really do set the tone for peace....thanks for inspiring us!

  2. I need to try that almond oil and lavender. I have to turn a big fan on and the noise helps me sleep. I love gardening too! if your interested check out my ohter blog its about straw bale gardening etc...Thanks for the comment

  3. hmmm, love the idea! And the soup looks yummy!
    Well done!


  4. How lovely!! Thanks for sharing!
    I need to get back into the habit of doing my jazz by candlelight at least once a week again...that relaxed me sooo much!

  5. You really should Lala! In college at use to eat my dinner with soft lighting and Jazz my friends loved being invited to a peaceful dinner some used to tease that I lived more like a young professional than a college student but in spite of the teasing they never turned down an evening with me talking culture and listening to good music while filling our tummies with healthy food. School can be stressful I learned early how to de-stress the healthy way!

  6. Sounds like a perfect way to end a day.