Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coming soon: the benefits of Almond oil

Due to the fact that I am bilingual and have many friends who are not fluent in English I will have once in a while some posts in French to extend my welcome to them on this blog. Thanks for being understanding and enjoy the other posts available in English. Remember to take some time to become a Follower and share your thoughts by leaving some comments. Thanks!


  1. Hi There!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! I just though i'd be neighbourly and extend the same honour. What a beautiful blog you have! It seems we have much in common including a passion for Jesus! Hopefully we can get to exchange loads of craft projects and nuggets of wisdom.
    Thank you for being such a blessing to the kingdom (^^,)
    Oh! By the way, I'm your newest follower (*^,) Sending you hugs from sunny South Africa!

    Love and blessings,
    Nisha xoxo

  2. This is special to me to have a follower from a beautiful country from my continent. I pray that one day we meet in person and hope that I be granted the honor of having followers from all over the globe. Thanks Nisha xoxo