Sunday, July 15, 2012

Motivation Monday: Celebrities weight loss pictures

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words and when we are on a weight loss journey, looking at the success of others is a good way to stay motivated and to have...HOPE!!!

Some before and after pictures of celebrities who lost weight. For more pictures check the Album "Celebrities weight loss pictures" on the page  "Healthy can be done" on Facebook.

Kimora Lee Simmons


 Janet Jackson

 Chaka Khan.

 Paula Deen.

Star Jones 

Which one of the ladies above inspire you the most?

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Until next time have a better and healthier life...


  1. Monique inspires me the most. She didn't have surgery and she did it the old fashion way. She was inspired to be health for her family not because she wanted to match the hollywood skinny look.

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  3. I didn't even know how Monique lost her weight.Thanks for sharing JenJen.

  4. @ Miss Curlilocks. I love the comment you left 4 days ago, but I am not sure if you erased it or if the system acted up at the time you did. But you made a good point about the weight loss and the women appearing taller. A friend I hadn't seen in weeks asked me on Monday if I had gotten taller. I am sure losing some of the baby weight must give the illusion that I am a tiny bit taller. Thanks for sharing and hope next time your comment will be stay posted for others to appreciate your opinion likr I did when you said, I quote:

    "I agree with JenJen. She looks fabulous. It's amazing how much taller these women look after losing weight. Truly inspirational!"

  5. Chaka Khan! She has been heavy for such a long time. She looks great.

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