Saturday, November 3, 2012

LET'S TALK HAIR: Natural Hair Journey: African Naturals' founder hair journey

Hello hello helloooo!!!
I know it's been a moment since I wrote a post, especially about natural hair, but here I am!

My Hair Talk today is with my sweet sister Z.from Namibia who is the founder of the facebook page African Naturals. If you are familiar with on her page you should know for yourself that she is an awesome person and offers an awesome page.
If you haven't please, get the chance to acquaint yourself with African Naturals & come by the Healthy can be done!Natural Fit Life page to let us know that you visited (LIKEd) African Naturals and how much you enjoyed it.

Z. from African Naturals is also a fan of our facebook page Healthy can be done!Natural Fit Life and it would be a pleasure to have you on both pages. She takes care not just of her hair but of her body as well and that's why we are tag teaming here!(smiles)

Okay enough with the introductions, let's jump in the conversation & for pictures you got to meet us on fb! I guarantee you you will enjoy the pictures on both pages. Hope to see you there once you are done here!

Before we jump into the conversation here some facts about Namibia.

The capital is called Windhoek, it's in Southern Africa between Angola & South Africa.
Angola was colonized by Portugal and speak portuguese, but like South Africa, Namibia speaks Afrikaan. Namibia is near the Atlanttic Ocean.

Now that you know where Z. lives let's find more about her hair journey & healthy lifestyle!
How long have you been natural?
I’ve been natural for a year and half now

What made you decide to be natural?
My daughter asked me why she hasn’t got beautiful hair and that she wanted long flowing hair,when I tried to explain that she has beautiful hair, she asked if we have beautiful hair why do I put weaves in then…lol! So the next day I removed my weaves and cut my hair, have enjoyed every moment of my hair journey since and my daughter is loving her hair!

What frustrations did you have to overcome in your hair journey?
Accepting my hair texture and learning to style my hair, it was awkward and there were times I wondered what I had gotten myself into, but then I’d braid my hair in a protective style and feel better afterward.

What do you believe to be the most rewarding thing about natural hair?
The styles I can do, the thickness of my hair and becoming so much more confident!

How do you maintain your hair healthy?
I wash my hair once a week with detangling shampoo, deep condition every two weeks and use olive and coconut oil to moisturize my tresses. I also believe in eating right and drinking lots of water.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?
I exercise 3 times a week, eat fruit every single day, do yoga every morning and drink plenty of water. I have to set an example to my children as they’re growing.

What advice would you give someone who is considering going natural?
Just do it!lol! Being natural is such a rewarding experience. You learn, you grow, your hair grows J

You started a facebook page about natural hair, when did you start the page and what made you decide to start one?
Gosh, most ideas come when you least expect it. I was chatting to a friend and we started sharing hair regimens and art as well as a million other things and I thought, wait…this would be nice if many people could share ideas with us as well and vice versa. I started the page end of last year.

From your experience do you feel like there’s an age group that’s more open to natural hair?
In Namibia, you can find naturals from 3 years up to 70…all age groups are open to it.

Do you think that it will get adopted more widely on the continent of Africa or do you think that it will take a while for women all over the continent to widely embrace it?
Well, with the whole world gearing up for natural hair, it has taken the world by storm,but you will always find those who are not too keen about it..

When people complain about natural hair what’s the most frequent complaints you hear and what advice do you offer them?
So far I haven’t heard complaints J

Well... short & sweet right? Didn't you enjoy her answers? I liked how her daughter inspired her to go natural, that was funny what she said about weaved. I also appreciate how by living a healthy lifestyle she is setting an example for her children now. I enjoyed how she said " you learn, your grow, your hair grows" because that's exactly how it is with any healthy change we make. We learn in the process & we grow a lot through it!
What about you what did you get from this interview?Was there anything in particular that Z. said here that inspired you?

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  1. It's been a long time since I've blogged, but I was looking at one of your earlier posts... the one about ginger. I had no idea ginger had so many health benefits. It's funny, but the only thing that I've had with that ingredient is Ginger Snaps. I've looked at ginger in grocery stores down through the years and never had a clue what to do with them. Now, I'm a little pumped up about trying this ginger juice. Thanks for the info and I'll let you know how it turned out.

    1. I am glad my article on ginger juice inspires you to try it. Looking forward to knowing how you liked it! Please stop by the facebook page if you are on facebook & let me know about it!

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