Friday, January 21, 2011

Stress relief with a little bit of faith inspired by a song...

I am realizing more and more that nothing relieve from stress as well as music does, especially a song that touches our souls when we are going through some things. We all know that stress is a threat to our health and our lives, and from experience we know that worrying in itself doesn't improve a thing. There are times we do not have a clue what to do next. Complaining doesn't help, making impulsive decisions make matters worst and at times we just have to sit still, let our minds drift a bit from our concerns so that we can get a fresh perspective or a renewed strength. Music seems to be our best companion. A song can get us to get up and dance, a song can change our mood withing minutes, a song can give us hope, and strangely enough  the lyrics of a song can be that message we receive at the most unexpected time. I am sharing the clip below because...

Life is full of many challenges, for those who chose to believe in God and have a  true relationship with the Most High, nothing is sweeter than to be comforted by the most simple things and music has a way of reaching us in ways that could never be fully described. I just wanted to share a song I felt in love with. I do not understand the meaning of the song like I do not understand some of the challenges on my path, but  I am comforted and reassured through that lovely song that some ways some how things will be better than okay.
Instead of letting my mind be filled with worries and my body tensed with stress, I am choosing a better option, some would just call it positive thinking and they are right, my word for it is very simple and it always makes life better.It's faith !

Someone on You Tube had that translation below: Ijoba orun, l’ere onigbagbo o (2ce) (Heaven is the believer’s reward) Ma je’n ku’na baba, mu mi de’le o (Father, don't let me miss it, Take me there) Ki n ma ku s’ajo, bii eefin (That I would not die like smoke in its path) Mu mi de’le (Take me there) Owo ti mo ni (The money I have) Ko le mu mi de’le o (Can’t take me there) Moto ti mo ri ra (The cars I’ve bought) Ko le wa mi de’le o (Can’t take me there) Ore ti mo ni (The friends I have)
Apparently the singer is a Yoruba from Nigeria.

Please share with me your favorite "stress relief songs" or let me know if this one has been a blessing to you.
Remember that the right focus and perspective can greatly lift up our mood/spirit, impact our health and improve our lives and the simplest things ( like a song) can make a big difference.
I wish you all reading this today a great week-end and a better mind, a better health and a better life.
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  1. Thank you so much for creating this blog. i don't get to read lots of blogs but have taken the time to read through all your posts, (i especially love this one)and all i can say is god bless you real good. indeed music is a healing balm and it touches me to see that in this world of chaos, troubles,impatience, there's someone out there who truly appreciates this gift of god. you are truly a gift to this generation and i thank god for the inspiration he gives you. also for all the home and health tips, will definitely try them out when the tine is right. love lara george by the way hope you've listened to other songs by her. try listening to sonnie badu, great ghanian worship leader, and enjoy in His presence.

  2. Thank you so much for the blessings and encouragements. I purchased Lara George's cd from Amazon MP3 downloads because I loved her songs so much that I could not even wait to have it delivered. Thanks for suggesting Sonnie Badu he is a good singer too, I added a video of him on my post today " Thank God it's Friday"(February 11,2011).

  3. Such a beautiful song!! The translation is good it's just the "de’le" is not "there" but rather "home".
    Thanks for sharing sis!