Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Natural hair : Tips to maintain your hair While Working out

How to Maintain Your Hair While Working Out
by Omonike Anderson

Note from the Editor.
The weather is now hot and inviting to outdoors activities and many more women are thinking about being more active, working out and losing weight but one frequent deterrent to working out is that sweat is not our hair best friend. There's a way to make peace with you hair and working out so I hope you will benefits from Omonike's tips below.

Many women of color strongly desire a fitness regimen but have no idea what to do with their hair while working out. While hair plays a large role in why workouts are usually left on the back burner, it is essential that we learn how to manage our hair during all circumstances rather than allowing our tresses to manage us.  Take back your life and learn what works best for you and your hair during your workout sessions. Here are some tips that will help maintain the healthy appearance of your hair while giving your body the physical activity that it needs.

Realize that you are already cute! I know I’m not the only one who once recited the phrase, “I want to look cute while working out.” What I had to realize is that my hairstyle did not in any way change my facial structure.  The same face I had when I rocked a beautiful twistout was the same face I had when I rocked a less glamorous style at the gym.  Once you realize that your flyness is not about your hairstyle, but about your confidence and positive attitude, protective styling at the gym becomes more of an option for you.  After all, you’re so fabulous you can pull off any hairstyle! Right? ;-)

Timing is everything: Probably one of the most significant factors to working out is structuring which workouts you will do on what days, what times, and why. Do not underestimate this tip; it requires great thought and strategy.  If your wash days are Saturday afternoons, then Fridays and Saturday mornings will probably be your best bet for vigorous cardio, while other days can be dedicated toward workouts that don’t produce as much sweat. Light workouts include weightlifting, yoga, and walking, while heavy workouts include running, dancing, and jump roping.  This list is not set in stone, so do what works best for you. If it is feasible, try scheduling your workout sessions on your off days or straight after work so that you won’t have to worry about preserving your hairstyle. If you must workout during lunch, do a light workout and save the cardio for your off days.

Prep your hair: If you have somewhere to be after your workout, braid or twist your hair beforehand and take them down post-workout for a nice braidout/twistout. If you plan on going swimming, rinse your hair in the shower and apply conditioner before your swimming session to decrease the amount of chlorine absorbed in your hair. Think of your hair like a sponge. If a sponge is already soaked, the chances of soaking up additional water are slim to none. This is the case when you soak your hair in the shower before entering chlorine water.  Remember that swim caps do not keep your hair dry, but only work to keep your hair out of the way. If your hair is a total disaster after your workout, opt for the cute trendy turban look to save the day!

Keep your hair out of the way: You’ve heard this many times before, but keeping your hair out of the way protects it from the harsh salt that sweat produces.  If you have a TWA, keeping your hair out the way is a simple as investing in a sweatband or mesh cap. Sweatbands control the amount of sweat allowed to seep into your hair and scalp, as well as protects your face from any excess hair product that may drip down and trigger acne. For those of you with a little more length, keep your hair in a high bun or puff on top of your head to prevent the ends of your hair from rubbing against any sweat produced by your nape and/or back.  

Keep your scalp clean: This is important! Sweat contains salt that attaches itself to your hair and scalp, attracting molecules from the environment and creating excess buildup that can clog pores. Think of your scalp like the rest of your skin—because it is! If you take a shower after the gym to rid your skin of the grime that dried sweat often produces, why wouldn’t you cleanse your scalp as well? While it may seem impractical to wash your hair every single day, cleansing at least once a week is a good idea. In the meantime, a tea tree oil and water mix can help alleviate excess scalp buildup because tea tree oil is an antiseptic. Simply add a few drops of tea tree oil to a water-filled spray bottle, soak a cotton ball, and dab your scalp generously.

Use Products That Help! Anti-humectant serums and heat protectants are great products to use during workouts. Anti-humectants act as a water repellent that prevents the intrusion of moisture into the hair during humid environments, while heat protectants protect the hair from the drying properties of sweat. Both products coat and seal the external cuticle layer, reducing chances of frizz and creating a barrier between your sweat and your hair strands.  While there are a ton of commercial products on the market, natural anti-humectants are Shea butter, olive oil, hydrogenated Castor oil, and coconut oil. A great natural heat protectant is grapeseed oil because it can withstand temperatures up to 420 degrees.

Get Practical! There are many cute hairstyles that can withstand a heavy workout session. Take a look and try one of these!

How do you maintain your hair while working out? What's your favorite work-out exercise and how often do you work-out and what is your hair maintenance regimen?

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