Friday, August 30, 2013

Natural Fit Life September's Challenge : WALK MORE, DRINK MORE(WATER), EAT CLEAN

This month's challenge is all about getting back to the basics.
Our New You by the New Year is still ongoing so do check here to learn more about it.

For this month's challenge
Get your pedometer and your walking shoes ready, get some extra bottles of water and dish the junk food.

Yes, totally getting down to basics. The goal is to
WALK/ RUN MORE and enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold again,
DRINK more water and
EAT CLEAN, avoid fast food and junk food.



Sounds simple right? Well, like I said, this month of September is all about getting back to the basics. Why? Because as simple as it sounds, a lot of people struggle with the basics. This month is all about building or reinforcing a strong foundation. The months leading to the end of the year can be quite challenging dues to the many holidays, the change in seasons or just feeling tired and discouraged.  So don't worry, we will keep it simple this month, but don't get fooled either, simple is not always as easy as it seems, is it?
If you are on board let us know on the Facebook/Natural Fit Life page.
Get your spouse and children on board too and join us too on Facebook/Natural Fit Couples & Facebook/Natural Fit Life Kids
For additional support and accountabilities you can join me and others on SKYPE once a week @
healthycanbedone or google hangout @ The chats are for females only.

Taking it a step further but this time for our Spiritual & Inner Man. 
September's Spiritual Challenge.
Pray more commit at least 30 minutes a day ( It's easier if you keep the TV off or cut down on social media)
Have family devotions at least once a week
Read the whole book of Psalm or Proverbs this month or the 4 first books of the New Testament
Volunteer once a week, have your spouse, family members or children involved too
E-mail me @ if interested in a once a week or daily prayer for 5-15 minutes.

Thanks for stopping by, sharing your comments, Following , Liking the FB page, subscribing by email, sharing with your friends and all those good stuffs...(smiles) Until next time have a better and healthier life... N'nako

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