Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How to make a turmeric face mask

Turmeric Face Mask. N'nako Goodhealthqueen. All rights reserved 2017.
We all have some kind of beauty secrets right? Well, turmeric has always been one of my favorite ingredients and those of you who have been following me here must have noticed that from my many posts about this wonderful herb.

I just shared the steps on my new blog but wanted to stop by here to make sure you guys get to see it too.

Click on the link for the full steps on making the turmeric face mask.

Turmeric Face Mask. N'nako Goodhealthqueen. All rights reserved 2017.

To all of you who have been following me here, I started a new blog called
FAB Food. Art & Beauty.
Why FAB?

I released my third book and first cookbook this summer IT's  A PINEAPPLE THING! and had a wonderful book signing at Barnes & Noble this past Saturday. While writing the book I realized that I really looove to talk about FOOD and I love food photography.

I have been obsessed with murals since publishing my second book STROLLING CHATTANOOGA  so that's the ART part of the blog.

And since I am still in love with NATURAL BEAUTY and now have my own vegan skincare line, the BEAUTY message will still have my attention.

So come by the new blog, follow me there, those of you that I used to interact with over here, please do come and chill with me I miss you!

Follow me too on Instagram N'nako Goodhealthqueen. I look forward to seeing you there!

Thanks for stopping by, sharing your comments, Following , Liking the FB page, subscribing by email, sharing with your friends and all those good stuffs...(smiles) Until next time have a better and healthier life... N'na


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