Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pampering yourself is good for your health!

I am not writing here about going to a spa every week and spending money on yourself that will get your husband to remind you that it's time to save not splurge on 'uneccessary things'.
Here I am talking about learning to take care of yourself without breaking the bank and being creative if you do not have a lot of time on your hands.
As a mother of three children, I've learned the importance of taking care of myself. I am still in the learning process actually but in spite of the fact that I do not have any family around to help with the kids and that I lack a strong support system I have created small ways of pampering and loving myself.  I have learned that:
I can not give what I don't have. So I have learned to give to myself  some love throughout the day so that I can love my children and husband. I consider pampering myself an act of love to myself and a gift to those that surround me because taking care of myself in the best of my ability and resources help me to take care of others. You all know the scripture that ask us to love others as we love ourselves. Well, we have to have a healthy love for ourselves if we are to love others.                                  

Gift basket by Nnakodesigns.All rights reserved.

Gift basket by Nnakodesigns.All rights reserved.
My first acts of love to myself every morning are:
Kneeling for prayer even if its just 5 mns. Aside from my daily prayer time I just kneel briefly in the morning as an act of gratitude and reverence for God.        

Stretching my body.  It's important to get the blood to flow and my body's energy 'reset' for the day. I will write later on the importance of stretching. 

Seating somewhere with a cup of Green tea and fresh mint preferrably from my garden. During the spring and summer time I sit on my front or back porch and enjoy the calmness of my surroundings before the kids are up and before the neighbors start leaving for work. 

Going on short walk with Cotton my maltese if time and the weather permit.
While on those walks I love to pay attention to the sound of the birds, and all my surroundings.
I consider those short and simple actions ways of pampering myself because they leave me feeling grounded and ready for my day .  

My bedtime ritual consists of :                 
Lighting only table lamps in the bedroom
Burning a vanilla or lavender soy candle
Spraying my pillows and sheets with lavender linen spray
Placing a glass of water by my bedside
Applying some oil or lavender lotion on my feet, rubbing them and putting on some spa socks for the night
Once in a while I do the same for my hands by rubbing and massaging them in oil before fitting them in my spa gloves for the night!
Reading something inspiring or writing in my journal things I am grateful for and
Saying a last prayer of gratitude for the day


Another way of pampering myself that is dear to me is my eating ritual.
Unless we are eating dinner as a family, I prefer to eat all my meals peacefully and quietly with or without the sound of music in the background.  I also drink my water in a very nice glass and always use my nicest dishes and a nice cloth napkin.
I know that most people reserve their best dishes for their guests. I do not reserve any 'special' dishes for my guests. I use it for myself too. 

Once a week, generally Fridays, I take a block of time to soak in the tub, give myself a  manicure and pedicure and just take it easy
 I do no housekeeping on that day and limit my activities. Well, simply put its my Me Time (smiles). Come 6pm I consider myself on a Sabbath. Every chores will have to wait Saturday evening or Monday.

Of course, I love the benefits of a professional massage but I do not get to indulge as frequently as I want.
The one thing I indulge into weekly is getting my hair done. I am picky about getting my hair done at the end of the week.
 However, I am not picky on who does my manicure and pedicure and I actually love doing this myself.  My reason for it  is that it gives me the flexibility to choose the music I want to listen to, I am not waiting to be helped, I can read a book or watch any TV channel I want while I am doing my manicure and pedicure. I am very picky about the kind of music that's played in public places. At home, I can enjoy pampering myself and enjoy the silence or the music I choose to listen to.
 In addition to that, I make my own beauty treats, even throw some of my dried rose petals in the water and instead of soaking my feet in commercial products I simply boil my own herbs, add some oil of my choosing and soak my feet as long as I want to.
Once in a while I get myself pampered from head to feet at a Salon. But for days when it's not convenient to do it professionally I can pamper myself from the comfort of my own home without spending any extra money.
The other thing I love to do which I consider is pampering myself is dressing myself nicely, putting some perfume and a few jewelries on even if I am staying at home most of the day.
My theory is that I want to inspire myself when I pass by the mirror even when I am in comfortable 'home clothes'. I want to see something pretty every time I step in the bathroom and it's important because it keeps me in a good mood.
I do not keep nor wear any piece of clothing that has a hole or a stain on or that looks worn out. Comfort to me means that comfortable clothes are also nice clothes.

Another creative way I pamper myself is to display my dish soap in a nice soap dispenser,
 keep a scented hand lotion and hand soap by the kitchen sink                                                   and                             some nice hand towels around versus old raggedy kitchen towels. Next to it stand a small vase of fresh flowers.  Considering all the time we spend in a kitchen I think it's important to add small things that will bring us pleasure. Pampering myself is surrounding myself with cute things in every room and keeping every room very orderly.
Order and cleanliness throughout the house from bathroom counter to living room sofa is for me a way of pampering myself because chaos create stress but order is restful. 
And rest is what we want when we pamper ourselves. Pampering is not just something to be done in an expensive spa facility it's something that can be done daily in small increments that add up to a healthy life


So to people who do not have time or money to go regularly to the salon, get a professional manicure and pedicure, know that you can pamper yourself even when you feel like it's a luxury. Get the best cosmetic product you can afford, get yourself some new towels, replace your pillows or bed sheets, get a fancy glass cloth napkin and plate set, keep your favorite things around, take a shower or bath light some tea candles and turn some soft music on and start treating yourself even if it's just 15 mns a day. Turn a daily routine into a special ritual . You deserve to value and treat yourself after a long hard day. 

Treat yourself by offering yourself a clean and clutter free home ( and car)  and add little touches of beauty around you. I am confident that it will improve your emotional/mental health and impact other areas of your life.
Taking good care of yourself is a necessity and it's okay to indulge yourself daily. You just have to be creative about it, but it starts just where you are.
Please let me know how you pamper yourself on a daily/weekly basis and if any of those suggestions worked for you let me know which one are now part of your daily routine.


  1. I really really liked this post. I know it may seem as if I say it all the time but I do mean it. All I'll say is that it hit home for me.
    Thx for taking the time to post it!!!!

  2. Thanks, I am so glad that this post hit home for you and I look forward to hearing how to started taking better care of your body. I feel that whatever what line of work we do, or who we are (professional women, stay home mothers, single with no children etc), we have to take care of our bodies and implement simple ways to do it.

  3. This was a great post!! You should be a contributor on my Sited and Blogged blog :)


  4. Thanks Sheila! Even though this is an old post, it's one of my personal favorite because it's my actual lifestyle. Daily life can be though so I am a strong believer in those simple ways to spoil myself and keeps me grounded! Just this afternoon I had to enjoy a natural scented oil bubble bath, with music and book for a bit to relax my sore muscles ( from working out).It would be a pleasure to contribute to your blog! Just let me know!

  5. We must let our body and minds relax after a week's work. These suggestions can help people take care of their body without spending too much. These alternative relaxation methods can help rejuvenate our bodies and allow for a better well-being.

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