Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FOR MEN: Coconut oil and turmeric face mask!

This homemade mask is of course one for women. I just felt that it would be fun to have a man do it. I am glad my model (smiles) was such a great sport. I think that it's important that our men learn to pamper themselves too, learn to benefit from home spa and take care of their skins!
 What do you think?

A portion of the video is missing. At the end I asked my model here how his skin felt: his answer: " good and smooth"!

I love coconut oil and use it daily in my diet and my skin care regimen. Turmeric on the other hand is a herb that I just fell in love with. My mom who is a great natural health advocate was the first to tell me of the benefits of turmeric. I decided to try this simple mask last Sunday and have been hooked on turmeric ever since I researched its many health and beauty properties. I am adding it to my diet by simply adding it to my cup of tea and of course its now part of my skin care regimen. I wanted to try this on a man just to encourage men to take care of their skin. I will eventually share more about the benefits of coconut oil and turmeric for skin care. For now, just enjoy the video. Talk to you later. Oh, remember to leave your comments and become a Follower, and like the facebook page Goodhealthdiva!!! Thanks and have a great week!
To your better body and your better life!
Did you like this video? Do you have some nice skin care tips for recipe for men?


  1. I am a man and I tried your mask. It felt really great. My face is smooth and I didn't need any moisturizer afterwards.

  2. Hey there! I am glad you liked it. I have been receiving some questions of my facebook about this mask. One is to have the info in French and the other is quantity for the mask. For a one time use I mix just one spoon of oil with one spoon of turmeric powder. I add more powder if I want a thick paste or more oil with I am mixing for more than a single use. I cover and refrigerate the rest of my mixture but it could probably be left on in a cabinet since it's just oil and powder. I simple warm the cold mixture or put it on the stove next to something hot to let it melt naturally.

  3. Enjoyed reading post on your blog.!

  4. is it a gr8 skin care for men?

  5. My mother say i male using tumeric powder its can effect to our moustage .! Its is true??

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