Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to do laundry without laundry detergent.

If you are like me you have probably ran out for detergent right in the middle of tackling a pile of laundry! It happened to me yesterday, so I figure I better share my little tips with you.
So if your run out of detergent and you just want to get that laundry rolling a.s.a.p there is no need to postpone the laundry till you make a trip to the store. Here are a few, very simple ways to get things done, quick and cheap! Just use any one of those ingredients that you already have in your home.
Shampoo: Use a little bit of shampoo for your load. You don't need much. 1/4 cup should do depending of the size of your load!
Dish washing soap: A little bit of dish soap will do. Not much otherwise you will have some bubbles overflowing your washing machine
White Vinegar + baking soda + (optional: lemon juice) : This is my favorite one because white vinegar is great on clothes for color protection, great germ and bacteria killer and baking soda is the most amazing cleaning supply if you ask me.  To add fragrance to your laundry if you have some essential oils like eucalyptus oil or lavender oil  just add a few drops.( 2-3 drops) to your water. I prefer adding the oil drops to the rinse water.
Regular bar soap: Simply pick a bar of soap, organic or regular store bought soap like Ivory soap, use a vegetable peeler and shred the soap. Add it to your washing water and Voilaaaa!!! Oh do not shred the whole bar just a little will do. Too much soap will cause studd on your load.

So do not fret when you run out of detergent just follow those quick tips from your Good health diva. Here to make your life better! ( I wish I knew all that when I was a student! Don't you?! )
Have a great week-end!


  1. I actually do that a lot with shampoo and dish soap. I have up to or more than 6loads a day and run out to many times to count.

  2. Hey don't forget, shampoo is excellent for taking out those "ring around the collars" use it all the time and never failed. Didn't know about the vinegar & baking soda, ummm. Why buy washing detergent when I have all the ingredients at home. :-) Thanks so much for sharing.