Monday, February 21, 2011

Switching to a Pescetarian Diet


For many years now my diet has consistenly involved more fish than any kind of meat. However, I never considered converting to a Pescetarian until recently.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term Pescetarianism or Pesceterian,  Pescetarianism is the practice of a diet that includes seafood and excludes other animals.In addition to fish and/or shellfish, a pescetarian diet typically includes some or all vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains , eggs and dairy. The  Merriam- Webster dictionary dates the origin of the term "pescetarian" to 1993 and defines it to mean: "one whose diet includes fish but no meat".                         
  Since I intend to share more about that diet and that I am considering making the change eventually (smiles), I asked a  fellow blogger who made that switch to place here her post on "switching to a Pescetarian Diet". She was gracious to accept to do it and below you will find portion of her post. I stronly encourage you to read the post in full on her blog. (The link is available below! )
I am curious to know how many of you are pescetarian?! Have you ever thought of being one?! What do you think could be your greatest challenges as you consider making such a switch?!

Switching to a Pescetarian Diet by KaylaKayla is a 20 year old college student residing in Alabama. In her free time she blogs about her transition to natural hair on her blog 'What The Kink?!'
When I first modified my diet, I was a flexitarian or someone who still eats meat--any sort--at times. After a while I forgot why I was even doing this and fell off. If you don't have a strong connection to why you are changing a big part of your life--and eating is BIG, then you too will fall off.
If you know you can do it in one big step, do it! However, some people find it more comfortable to glide into change. Start with cutting out one group of meat, then another, and another until you reach your goal.
If you think of the things that you are no longer eating as "stuff you can't eat" then you will feel like you are missing out. Change that statement to "stuff you don't want to eat". It sounds small, but it is a big deal. Trust me.

Before reading this post were you familiar with the pescetarian diet?! Is it anything you think you might consider adopting?!



  1. absolutely, fish is very healthy ,and great for brain. I like freshwater fish better than saltwater fish.

  2. I am one myself. I am glad you are switiching to a healthier lifestyle just as I am!!! I've just started, please share me your tips and stories!

  3. Glad meeting you and much success with your healthy lifestyle! I am glad you found this blog and I since you are a pescetarian you will find many good posts on fish, seafood and good nutrition around here!
    @Lily!I remember when I was in middle school my parents always told me to eat my fish because it was good for brain! So every time I had a test coming up and made sure to I eat some extra brain food and take a tablespoon of fish oil!

  4. I'm looking for information to make the change... i really want to know what is best to eat. My main purpose is to be healthy and also teach my 2 year old baby to do the same, i think this is the best age to make a change like this one!

  5. Hello pescatarians. I am considering becoming one myself but am having trouble because I love Whoppers from Burger King and can't imagine life without them. Any advice? Please help, it would be most appreciated.