Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good eat: Great fish dinners when dining out @ J.Alexander's restaurants

If you have visited this blog before you might be aware of  the fact that my diet is predominantly pescetarian . I eat other kind of meat but I have a preference for Salmon and other kinds of fish. A few weeks ago I interviewed Kayla and asked her if it was easy to eat out with a pescetarian diet.
I found that it is indeed very easy to find healthy food when eating out.
This week-end, like most week-end, I ate at my favorite establishments.

J.Alexander's restaurant had been my favorite restaurant since the day my husband and I relocated here. The staff there is more like family to us and we are always offered the best hospitality one can ask for.
The picture below is the Fish tacos. It comes with 3 tacos filled with Cole slaw, topped with fresh avocados. It comes with a spicy mayonnaise, a side a beans and a side of delicioooouuuus rice! This is the best rice I had! The flavor...hummm just squeeze some lime on top and your palate will be soooo grateful!!!

Since I can't eat all that, I generally eat 1 of the 3 tacos and the side of rice and my hubby eat the beans and other tacos. For $15 dollars you get a very tasty meal that you can split! 
I must mention that they offer good freshly baked croissants  as you wait for your meal and the foccacio bread available with  or without melted cheese can easily fill you up before you even get to your meal. So J.Alexander is my Friday or Saturday spot.  We used to go there every Sundays as well, but since we started eating at F2O 4 weeks ago we have decided to make F2O ," Fresh 2 Order" our  new Sunday spot.

Below is a picture of my typical Sunday's lunch at F2O. I bragged about their Salmon sandwich in one of my previous post. On Sunday Kids eat free at F2O so it's always packed there and finding a seat there on a Sunday is almost like looking for the best seat at a concert and for very good reasons.

The kids 's meals are very nutritious, they offer quite a diverse selection and their mashed potatoes is the most delicious I ever had in a public establishment! In spite of the fact that it gets crazy in there on Sundays, my hubby and I are now faithful patrons because a couple of the guys working there have succeed to make us feel at home. They work hard on getting us a table as soon as they notice our presence and this too me is special! To top it all they always have so smily faces and are full of energy. Who doesn't love great customer's services?! Well, the right place and service make the food yummier (smiles) !!!

Food is a love affair for me. I enjoy the hospitality and the service I receive when I eat out. I love to cook but I also love to be served. Since I take care of my family by homeschooling and the other responsibilities that come with the territory of being a mom and a wife, I greatly enjoy eating out at those places on the week-end. 

Obviously I love to eat and it's great to be able to eat healthy food, on a reasonable budget and in a very pleasant and loving atmosphere.

What about you? What's your favorite healthy food and restaurant?



  1. Thanks for sharing..will go to try those for sure~~~

  2. You will be glad you did!
    The Fish sandwish at J.Alexander is also one of my favorites. It's served with a delicious remoulade sauce!
    The staff at J.Alexander is fantastic so eating there is truly a delightful experience, from the food to the setting.
    Fresh2Order (F2O) is also a gorgeous restaurant with a more urban flair but I am only familiar with their Sunday staff. They are growing on me. I love them! I believe that setting, and services are what make the experience of eating good food more memorable and delectable. I hope you will be a big fan like me!