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Interview: My findings about Sensaria & beauty tips from Janine Aguero

Have you ever heard about Sensaria? Well, I had never heard about it until recently when my new friend, and co-owner of The Sample Shoppe, Janine Aguero told me about it!  True to my curious nature I asked her to share more about the company before I did some research on my own! It's great to come across things online but it's always better to talk to someone in person about  a particular product. Don't you think?!

 This gorgeous woman is Janine Aguero, so you see why I would turn to her for beauty tips! (smiles)

Janine kindly agreed to an  'interview' about Sensaria  but before I say more about Sensaria let me tell you a little bit more about Janine! Janine Aguero is a Sensaria sale representative, but she is focusing most of her energy on her own business. Her cousin Lisa and her are the proud and successful co-founders of an online business with a pretty neat concept. Called The Sample Shoppe,   they actually sell samples of products thus allowing customers to try some samples before committing to the purchase of a particular item.  This idea is not just great for a customer, it's also great for a vendor willing to market their products!

I encourage you to read more about their unique business and those special women right after reading this! The link to their site will be provided below,  please stick around for a while and let's just talk about Sensaria first...

GoodHealthDiva: What's Sensaria?
 Janine Aguero: Sensaria Natural Body care is the premier direct seller of spa-grade products for home use.

GHD: How did you come in contact with the products?
J.A:  At Christmastime, I decided to only purchase my gifts from independent business owners instead of going to the "chains" at the mall.  I asked some women on a forum I belong to if they would send me their catalog.  I received a Sensaria catalog with a few samples of their products.  When I put on and smelled the Mango body lotion....I was hooked!

GHD:What appealed you to those products?
J.A:  I loved the freshness of the products. They are all natural, with little or no parabens or fillers.  Since your skin is your biggest organ, I don't like putting chemicals on my skin, so Sensaria was the intelligent choice.

GHD: What do you think make them special and which one would  you greatly recommend?
  J.A: What makes Sensaria special is the fact they use the finest grade botanicals, essential oils, vitamins and minerals.  There are no harsh chemicals, lanolin, or mineral oils in their products.  And one of the most important reasons I think Sensaria is special is because their products are cruelty free!  It's hard to recommend just one product...I love their body butters and, of course, the Mango body lotion.

GHD:  Is there any products for men? I love to promote the ideas of men pampering themselves and taking care of their skin beyond the daily hygienic and grooming routine !
J.A:  Yes, we actually have a Men's Skin Care System which includes  Face Wash for Men, Face Scrub for Men, and Hydra gel for Men

 ( I just found that picture on the Sensaria site. It's the men skin care system, currently available for $55.00)

GHD: What are some of beauty tips beyond Sensaria that you would love to share with any female and male reading this article?
J.A: I would say to keep your skin cleansed thoroughly, especially before bedtime.  NEVER go to sleep with makeup ages your skin.  Also, always use a moisturizer, day and night, even if you are only in your 20's, you're never to young to start taking care of your skin.  Another tip would be to always eat a balanced diet, with a minimal amount of sweets, fried food, and junk food, with lots of fruits and veggies.

Doing some researches on my own, I found that in addition to skin care, hair care and body care products, Sensaria also offers Home Care products like their "Aroma-sensory burner" and home fragrance oils available in scents like rosemary, vanilla, mandarin & cucumber.
 This 32 flo oz citrus cleaner is available for $18 and is:  
" A safe, phosphate-free, non-alkaline, biodegradable household cleaner that can be used diluted or full strength. Effective as a household cleaner, a laundry detergent, a stain remover, a fruit and vegetable wash and more. At full strength, Citrus Cleaner is strong enough to take on the most stubborn surface stains, yet mild enough for dish washing or hand washing delicate fabrics.
Recommended for Use By
Households looking for a naturally-based, all-purpose, multi-use cleaner"  (
They also have some products called Mineral Genesis, those have great reviews but I must tell you the price tag on those is not for people on a budget! However, I am sure those products might be well worth the try! For my part, I will simply start with the Mango lotion. If I get hooked I might go for more of their products.

You can order Sensaria products on the following link For those of you interested in a business opportunity selling a great product, there is the possibility of becoming a Sensaria representative.
I for my part, I intend on ordering thw mango body lotion because mango is actually one of my favorite fruits and I know that  mangoes have amazing health properties!

As Janine suggested, eating a balanced diet, with a minimal amount of sweets, fried food, and junk food, with lots of fruits and veggies, and drinking plenty of water is probably the best beauty practice one can have.
Back in college, I suffered from a 2nd degree burn due to a household fire and in spite of the repulsive look of my burns my skin and my wound healed pretty well with minimal scarring due to the fact that my diet mainly consisted of fruits and vegetables. So I do strongly believe that good healthy food  and plenty of water play a considerable role in the beauty of our skin!

Janine is obviously a very beautiful woman and I will take her word for it concerning the mango lotion! If you are curious to learn more about The Sample Shoppe visit
To learn more about Sensaria and their products go to . I guarantee you that both sites are worth a visit.

Was it your first time hearring about Sensaria? If are familiar with Sensaria, what is the one product that you would recommend? Is there any brand of botanical skin care products that you would recommend as highly as Janine recommends Sensaria?
If you make a stop on either sites or both please be kind to come back and let us know more about your impressions! Should you eventually order a product from any of those sites please grant us the pleasure of reading all about it by leaving us a comment! (smiles)



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