Thursday, April 7, 2011

Natural hair accessories & necklaces by N'na

Hello fabulous followers and friends I pray all is well with you today! I have been designing some necklaces and hair clips to complement some summer dresses and I figured I will make some available to you for purchase!

They are unique, they are organic in the sense that flowers represent an organic form, they are natural because flowers are to us one of nature's best gifts, they are romantic which is always a great touch to have during the summer times and of course some are tropicals because I am deeply connected to the exceptional pleasures that the tropics exude!

So here were are...

Presenting to you some unique and gorgeous Flowers hair clips to accessorize your fabulous style!
Will go great with any type of hair and will add pizazz to
beautiful naturals ' look!

Floral hair clip # 1
What color woul you call this one????
1 for $7.50 2 for $14

Floral hair clip # 2
Pink peony
1 for $7.50 2 for $14 

Floral hair clip # 3
Orange Asiatic dailily
1 for $7.50 2 for $14

Floral hair clip # 4
Autumn's color rose
1 for $4.50 2 for $8

Floral hair clip # 5
Pink daisy
1 for $4.50 2 for $8

Contact me if interested in ordering some! Price above does not include shipping and handling!
So this is it for today as far as pictures of hair clips! I have been to a few stores in search of unique pieces and since I do not really like buying what everyone else can get I think it's more diva like to create and offer my own unique pieces! I don't always try to shop where everyone else go to get their hair pieces. In department stores, the colors and the flowers are pretty limited and predictable so get something unique for your gorgeous hair, it will add more beauty to your look, the N'natural way and your hair will certainly get more praise than usual!

Below I wanted to present a few of the necklaces I have designed that are also available for purchase. I personally love to wear a few jewelries even when I am working out or add something simple to a casual outfit that will make it fresh and pretty without looking like I dressed up! Those necklaces can be great for young people, a friend purchased the black one for herself and a red one for her teenage daughter to match her school colors! I love turquoise and wear my set with my casual clothes when I go on a walk or just hanging around the house, my green one match greatly a green top I rarely wear that to my surprise got a lot of compliments over the week-end!

The shape of the medallions are geometric and they all have a natural flair to them..

Necklace #1
Turquoise necklace with geometric shape diamond

Necklace set

Necklace #2
Green necklace with geometric shape
without earrings $12.50
with earrings  $16.50

Necklace #3
Red necklace with geometric circle shape and earth colors

Necklace # 4
Necklace with: tear drops shape Black & white with touches of tan

I am very curious to get your opinion on those I find them...pretty & simple and ideal for a very subtle feminine touch! What do you think?

 just hanging around the house
Walking downtown

Well, this is it for our little tour of my last Creations! You can check my blog for pictures of my cards and more.
If you are not a Follower  yet please take a minute to sign up and join the N'natural family and circle of health and love! It's with great pleasure that I look forward to reading your comments and learning from you! Thanks to all of you visiting today and devoting your precious time to reading this post and others.

This being said,  I am very curious to how many of you like to accessorize their hair with flowers? What's your favorite color and favorite flower? What's your opinion about those necklaces? How would you wear them?



  1. Yes Yes Yes! I love them all...I want to buy 2 of the Sunflower Hair Accessories. I think they would look wonderful in my daughter's hair in Two Ponytails.

    My favorite colors for the Spring are Pastel Pink, & Yellow. In the Fall & Winter, I love Earth tone colors.

    Your Jewelry is very nice. I can see me wearing the Diamond Shaped Jewelry on the beach. It look light weight.

  2. Hey Keianna I am so glad you like some of those creations!
    I did not even think about those necklaces looking great on the beach but there sure will look great. You are right they are very lightweight! Thanks for your compliments and your feedbacks as you inspiring more interesting concepts. Contact me on my e-mail to make arrangements to send you the flowers you want for your daughter!