Monday, April 4, 2011

Southern Style Sunday Stroll by the Tennessee River: Welcome to Chattanooga!

Tennesse River, Delta Queen Steamboat, Coolidge Park...
My husband & I enjoyed our Sunday evening walking downtown yesterday! The Sunday before we had fun riding our bikes in the same areas but we just opted for a much slower pace this time! I had promised myself to share some of the pictures I took on my bike ride last Sunday but I haven't committed much time to downloading the pictures. Today I am making time to share with you some of the pleasant things that were on my path as we were walking around our beautiful Scenic City! I will add a few more pictures by the end of the week, but for today here are some to charm you! A taste of a Southern city with some southern charm that make you feel so happy to be alive!

The Tennessee Aquarium
The Tennessee Aquarium! I did not take a lot of pictures yesterday because I already have plenty of them representing the TN Aquarium!

What's new since the last time I walked around this street are those guys here! They are parked by many of the restaurants like EASY and passed the theaters! Whoever came up with that idea is a pretty smart dude! But I don't need them to "Take my butt home" as I am here to enjoy myself and get me some exercise at the same time!

In a few minutes I will be crossing that bridge and walk to the North Shore!

Engraved in the ground, you will read those words as you step on the TN Aquarium toward the members entrance!

My view from the Market Street bridge, I just left the TN aquarium...
The Southern Belle on the Tennessee River. Chattanooga Tennessee!
I have been telling myself that I need to take a trip on the river aboard the Southern Belle or the Delta Queen, the day I do I will let you know! For now, just keep in mind that if you want to experience the southern charm at its best, riding on a steamboat my just be the thing to do!!! For now I am just walking and enjoying the breeze, the view, my husband quietly walking along...and... enjoying myself!

The Riverfront

 I will have to commit some times to share with you the special history of this area!
The Trail of tears @ the Riverfront!

A restaurant along Frazier at the North Shore! Isn't it cool that some of the art represent fish! Ha ha ha! I will have to try this restaurant some days and find out if they have any good pescetarian meal worth recommending!
A restaurant on Frazier with cool metal art!

I am now on the Walnut street bridge, it's a pedestrians only bridge. The first time I shared with you pictures from this bridge I was spending time at the Hunter Museum and the art district. Here I am coming from the Coolidge Park entrance on Frazier Street! In the distance you see the bridge leading to Market Street and The TN Aquarium's two buildings!

Coolidge Park Chattanooga Tennessee, Delta queen on the Tennessee River!

Coolidge Park, Chattanooga Tennessee
During the summer the statue of each animal fountain below releases a jet of water that delights children and adults during the hot summer days!
Coolidge Park, Chattanooga Tennessee!
To my surprise,the park is not crowded at all! I guess being Sunday evening it's nothing like what you would see on a Saturday, but things might be different during the summer time!
There are not too many people on the bridge! Couples walking side by side, a few groups of women walking together, people seating on a bench watching the River, a single lady enjoying a book and an ice cream, toddler pacing his walk while licking an ice cream cone next to his young mother...Hm Sunday walks are not just healthy for you, they are good for your mind as well...

On the Walnut Street Bridge a.k.a "walking bridge"! You see the Hunter Museum I mentioned to you when I introduced to you the Lois Mailou Jones Exhibition on my post

I love this street here! This is my favorite street to walk on, I simply love those homes! They are huge! Each home has a garage on the basement level, a rooftop deck, an elevator to accommodate access to all the floors, and of course a fabulous kitchen among their many amazing amenities!

Something funny happened at this point! A father walking along with is little girl saw me taking pictures of those homes and offered to take a picture of my hubby and I! I declined at first, he kindly insisted and after a little hesitation I agreed! He was so charming, how could I decline his kind offer when he said
" It's free"! He was persistent and cordial all at once!
That was true after all, it did not cost me anything to have him take our picture! As my hubby and I posed for the photo, I got on my tiptoes for more leverage, any extra inches long as the inches are upright not wide( at the waist)! 
 Anyway, as he returned the camera to me, a man driving in a red Ford excursion stopped his car. Waiting on pedestrians, and looking at us, the driver and the passenger were smiling! The driver said something I did not quite get and my impromptu photographer kindly chatted with him and said " I could take your picture too!" We all laughed as the amused driver made a small joke about wanting is picture taken as well! It was a simple moment but it felt good!

 It always feels good to be helped and offered a smile and to laugh when you least expect it! But you know what that scene makes me thing of?! You got it: Southern Hospitality! Sweet! You see, having a Southern experience is not all about food! What's for sure my Southern experience yesterday didn't include binging on food. I had my healthy lunch at my ususal Sunday's spot and ate my usual Salmon Panini from F2O but I must say that there I had Southern love from my wonderful helper Joshua. I ended my day being active by enjoying a peaceful Sunday walk & more!

If you have a Million dollar you could enjoy living here!

We walked away from the houses, toward the many restaurants on Market Street, and we saw one of many carriages passing! There are always some carriages carrying people around downtown. It seems old school but....
 I love that! It adds a certain flair to the town!
I think the carriage ride is one of the most charming "Southern touches" of our gorgeous Scenic City!

A carriage on Market Street!

Well it was fun wasn't it?! My hubby and I stopped at the Hilton Garden to enquire about their rates because we are thinking about spending a night downtown one day and take more time enjoying our gorgeous city!
We spent some times at the gym located behind the Children Discovery Museum and then had dinner before visiting one more hotel and heading back to suburbia to our kids! 

(A little note about the gym! It was my first time at that location and when I saw that their indoor pool faces the street I wished that location was closer to the house! I was not prepared for a swim but I promised myself that one Sunday very soon I would treat myself to such an experience! An empty pool on a Sunday afternoon with a view of downtown! I met a young lady there who told me that most times she has the pool to herself as people rarely use it! She was enjoying a book while in the Jacuzzi! Hm! I like that! So check back in a couple of week, I might share some pictures of my Sunday Swim!)

The Children Discovery Museum by the Hilton Garden Hotel behind it is the Double Tree Hotel
Walking is good for you!

I have a few more pictures to share with you and truly this post is still under construction (ha ha ha), but I am kind of an impatient person so I might as well share with you some of the things I have available!
If you come back you will see more...

Is it your first time around here? Please take some times to become a Follower and leave some comments, I love to know what you think! As I am finishing this the weather is turning ugly and we have a thunderstorm warning! I am glad I enjoyed my Sunday and the gorgeous day nature granted us yesterday! It's raining now, the wind's blowing strong and it's getting dark and gray outside, thinking of it, it's a blessing to have those pictures and some pleasant memories to start my week on a bright note! Since it means a lot to me to brighten your week as well I hope you found inspiration here! I hope all is well with you and I wish you a blessed week!

I hope you enjoyed your stroll here and felt the love from your Southern hostess! Did you enjoy your little stroll here? From the pictures I just shared with you which one is your favorite?



  1. Extrememly well done post N'na - you are as good as a story teller as you are a photographer as you are a health Diva - kudos girl - loved being here : )

  2. Wow, N'na, not just a great read...but an you are an awesome photographer as well! Thanks so much for sharing. I have never been there, and now, want to go! I could use me some of that Southern Hospitality! The Riverfront and Coolidge Park...beautiful!

  3. You did an awesome job on this post!! Love the photos and the descriptions. Makes me want to visit your fabulous city!

  4. Divas, I appreciate that you all took the time to visit and I greatly appreciate all your kind words and encouragement! You have no idea how much your "kindness impacts" me (Tammy you know what I mean!!!).
    Thank you so much I love you all and I am honored to have brought through this post something lovely to you!

  5. I love this! It looks like you had a good time! I want to go!