Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Eat: Bahama Breeze's seafood paella & a little more...

Hello Everyone...
 I hope you all had a great week-end! I know I did...(smiles).My last post was about food and this one is about food as well. I do have a lot of other things I plan on sharing with you soon, very very soon so make sure to become a Follower and a subcriber if that's your first time here.

Even though I wrote about making beef brochettes in my last post, you should know if you are familiar with this blog, that I am more of a pescetarian and I very rarely eat meat. So true to my gastronomic passion I am talking today about seafood...seafood at....

I was in Atlanta recently celebrating my 10 years wedding anniversary and I finally had the chance to try a restaurant I have been wanting to try all the years I have lived around the Atlanta GA area. So after shopping at some stores on Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw GA, my husband and I had a late lunch or early dinner, depends on how you see, at Bahama Breeze!

Have you ever eaten at the Bahama Breeze?
The setting is refreshing, relaxing, and very different from conventional restaurants.
 Under normal circumstances I would have had more pictures of the interior and I would have elaborated on the tropical setting, the fun music played by a Live artist outdoors and the fun tropical uniform the servers had on...but today I will just talk about food, maybe at my next visit there I will take more indoors pictures for our enjoyment. For now we are talking Good Eat!
My husband loves  Sweet Tea but even our server told him that their sweet tea are awful. Hubby insisted on having some Sweet Tea but soon decided to order the same thing I was having because it was amazingly delicious.My beverage was a refreshing and perfect Strawberry Lemonade! I love Sweet Tea but given the options I am more a lemonade person and I love Strawberry Lemonade because I find it to have more 'texture' than a regular lemonade or a Rapsberry lemonade!

Strawberry lemonade at the Bahama Breeze
 For appetizers I selected some broiled shrimps served in a buttery sauce with French bread for dipping. It was soooo gooood! Sorry I don't remember the exact name of my selection but here is what it looked like...

It was so gooood....
We completed our meal by sharing a Seafood Paella! I love love love Paella! I had many friends from Spain back in college so I naturally fell in love with Paella. It had been years since I had one and it was great to enjoy some this Saturday!
Seafood Paella from Bahama Breeze

Now, there's something I have to say about this...it's a seafood Paella and the original dish on the menu is made with a little bit of sausage in addition to the seafood. I do not eat sausages so I could request to replace the sausage with an extra something else. I simply asked for extra seafood!  The dish can be eaten with some hot sauce if one loves spicy food.I added a little Tabasco sauce that definitely gave this already delicious dish, an extra omp!
Well, that was it for my delicious meal at the pleasant, fun and relaxing Bahama Breeze!

Oh...You might have noticed...this Seafood Paella was served with oysters...I ate most of the oysters and only hours later did I realize that true to the myth oysters could be an aphrodisiac! Did you know that oysters are listed as one of the top aphrodisiac foods? I have been meaning to write a post about this for a while now, so today will be kind of an intro!!!

Have you noticed how in some movies two people would have a romantic moment eating some oysters...Did you watch the movie JUMPING THE BROOM? Do you remember the scene where in the kicthen Meagan Good is asked by the chef to taste some oysters...

 I believed the moment I watched this scene that the chef knew exactly what he was doing when he asked her to come in the kitchen to taste something for him...Well oyster as an aphrodisiac might be fact or fiction depending on how you see it! The scene I am referring to certainly tries to hold to the myth! If you have not seen the movie I will not spoil the fun so go watch it and come back and comment about it!

So...hint hint here: if you plan a romantic dinner with some very specific intentions...oysters should be on the menu...just saying...according to the myth...it's worth trying right?

We did more shopping after eating and funny enough at the end of the day I realized that I did not buy a single pair of shoes or even some new outfits. I checked in the hotel with bags of books...yes...crazy right? Bags of books! Waldenbooks had some sales and I splurged...on books...
I think a good meal, some good books and a nice comfy hotel suite are very simple and yet very pleasant ways to spend a relaxing week-end...humm that's not exactly all... but saying more would be beyond the scope of this blog!
All I can say is...beware of delicious Seafood Paella because according to the myth Oysters do come with side effects. The kind no men complain about...

Me personally I did not complain about this sweet peacefully room away from the kids and...

Hilton Hotel Atlanta GA
 I certainly did not complain about waking up to such a view...Hello ATL! Yeah...I know... the Bahamas could have been better but at least ATL got Bahama Breeze...
View from the Hilton Dowtown Atlanta
More about ATL in some of my upcoming posts. To be continued....

Do you like oysters? Did you know oyster to be considered an aphrodisiac?  Do you think it's true or do you think it's just a myth? Have you seen JUMPING THE BROOM? Any random comment on the movie?



  1. Congratulations! Looks like you had an awesome time!

  2. Looks yummy!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. @Naturaleze Thanks very much I did indeed have an awesome time!
    @Lala! It was yummy! Sharing is always pleasure!!!

  4. Hunn, I wish I could comment on the oysters but I am allergic to shell-fish and I would def. love to comment on the side effects...lol....

    Hey congrads on the 10 yr anniversary many blessings your way Sis. I love the article and thank you for sharing
    Smooches <3

  5. So excited that I found yoru blog!! Your reviews are so in depth. Although reading it makes me hungry, I can't help but follow! Thanks so much for sharing!


  6. Hi Entice
    Thanks, I appreciate your comment and the fact that you are new Follower, I just returned the favor on your blog!
    I have to admit that each time I look at my own pictures of food I can't help but feel like eating too. Thankfully my pantry and fridge are filled with things that help me snack smart when I have to tame those urges (lol)!