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Good eat:Lemon spice baked fish recipe

Lemon Spice Baked Fish (or Chicken Breast or Salmon or meat of your choice)
w/Green Beans

The recipe and pictures are from a young naturalista by the chosen name of Apple. To read more about her and her healthy choices check my previous post:
Now here's the recipe in her own words! Enjoy!

"You will come to see that you can come to achieve this healthy delectable in about 45 minutes.

1 Lemon
Whiting Fish (up to 4)
Green Beans (if canned drain before using)
Butter or Margarine or Marinade
Worsctershire Sauce
Cayenne Pepper (spice)
Salt (can use seasoning salt)
Black Pepper
Paprika (spice)
Curry (spice)
Parsley (spice)
Onion salt (not necessary I use it sparingly)
You will also need:
Baking pan
Aluminum Foil
Oven (you can also make this on a grill if it’s too hot for an oven or you just want a slight variation)
Something to flip fish (sturdy spatula)
I also like to use a timer (as to I am very forgetful and don’t want my meal under o over cooked)
You can use the ingredients in a way that is most accommodating to your taste buds. I like spiciness and lemoniness (I know that isn’t a real word lol but I likes what I likes) and prepare it so.
                First I make sure my fish is thawed and that my pan has been foiled and that that foil does not have any holes in it because I want my fish to be able to marinate and remain tender amidst  all of the seasonings, lemon, butter and sauce. I then put the fish into the foil, preheat the oven at 350®F and begin to season.
                I like to add the cayenne pepper, black pepper and salt first because I like a certain amount, I don’t want either to drown out the other flavors(and they will, I don’t want it TOO spicy or TOO salty). However, I want to be able to taste the cayenne as my main spice. Therefore, if I put too much I can rinse and reapply. Everything else I use quite sparingly.
I then lightly sprinkle (and I do mean lightly) with the onion salt (again this spice is not necessary) paprika and curry, roughly the same amount. I then generously add parsley flakes (this can either be dry from a spice bottle or freshly cut yourself). Flip the fish over add thin slices of butter (I cannot say an amount because it depends on the amount and size of your fish- use I little more than I did if you are using chicken breast as they are typically thicker than fish) and repeat the seasoning process.

I then cut my lemon (a 65:35 ratio cut) and squeeze lemon juice onto my fish generously (or to your own liking). I then go back to my lemon cut a thin slice and cut that slice in half (using one half of that slice per piece of fish) and lay it directly on top of my fish. Then I cut three thin slices of butter and lay one piece at the top end of my fish and at the bottom end of my fish and then the third directly on top of my lemon slice.

I add my green beans(with chicken breast I prefer spinach) to either side of my fish (not on top) and then add enough Worshctershire sauce (also not on top of fish) so that it lightly coats the bottom (but not so much to where I can’t clearly see the bottom- remember you have already added butter).

Baked fish with green beans

I then close my foil by taking either side, bringing them together and rolling them down so that most of the steam will be locked in (this will also help to seal in the flavor). I let it bake at 350 degrees for about 15 – 20 minutes pull it out, open my foil, flip my fish, squeeze a bit more lemon juice onto it, close it back up and then let it bake for another 15 minutes (about 20-25mns for thicker meats like chicken breast). Take it out, let it cool and EAT!

(One last tip: taste your fish after you have removed it from the pan and before you toss the “marinade” so that if you think you want to, which I do, you can pour a little over your fish and beans :D Happy Eating)
And here are some picks of when I baked Chicken Breasts and Spinach:
(My quick tip for the chicken and spinach) Eat the spinach and the chicken in one bite. The moistness of the spinach really helped to combat that dryness of the chicken and just make those seasons pop and the chicken melt in your mouth!
Well that was Apple's recipe all in her own words! No editing of my own I just stayed true to my cook of the day! To learn more about Apple please read my previous post:
My own feedbacks here, the picture of the chicken looked good and based on the plate with the chicken I would have guessed that the meat looked a little dry! Thankfully she suggested eating the quicken and spinach in one bite. For someone like me there would be 2 issues! I can't stand spinach and I like food moisted! So the spinach would be a a deal breaker for me and I would come up with a nice sauce to eat my baked chichen with. My side dish of choice would have been some " pomme de terre sautee" Sauteed potatoes!
The fish and lemons look yummy right? It's hard to go wrong with butter and lemon and you can easily fix a lemon butter sauce to be a great addition on the other sides  that might accompany your fish/meat.
So what do you think? What's your favorite baked fish recipe?



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  2. Hi lovely lady.
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  4. Wow, that looks very tasty! Have you ever tried to bake fish in an underground oven? The Hawaiians call it Imu, and it's a way of slow-cooking fish and other meats which are wrapped in banana leaves in an earth oven. You should try it if you have the time and space on your backyard.