Friday, September 16, 2011

Natural skin care: Milk for your face

I made some lavender milk yesterday for my hot chocolate drink and had too much milk leftover so rather than wasting it I saved it for my facial cleanse.

So today I just rinsed my face with some leftover lavender milk and it feels smooth like a baby face!

Milk for your face: 

Simply rinse you face with milk like you would with some water.
Rinse your face thoroughly with water, pad try and if you need a moisturizer apply as needed.

Your skin will be left unbelievably soft!

Did you know you could use milk as a make up remover?
Milk as make up remover:
Use a cotton call, dip it in some milk and use it to remove your make up. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Did you know that the beautiful Cleopatra

believed in the virtue of milk as a beauty product and was reported to bathe

in milk to have a smooth and beautiful skin?



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  3. You are both very welcome! Thanks for reading and letting me know you were around here!