Friday, January 6, 2012

Healthy Natural pregnancy: Week 38 preparing for baby & Teaching siblings to change a diaper.


I am soon to be a mother of 4 and having a healthy pregnancy and recovery is certainly a team effort.

Since I don't have any family around (mom and relatives are too far away) relying on the support of my husband, my children and some kind friends will be my best chance to a healthy recovery and to my success in this new phase.

To increase my chances of success (smiles) I am training my little crew to an unavoidable responsibility: Diaper Change!

 I will not let them handle a newborn alone but it's still important that they know a few things, develop some skills and be more aware of some of the many changes to come.  They are used to babies and small children but having a new baby at home 24/7 will be life changing, even for me!

Success takes some planning and preparation so yesterday we held a
 " Diaper Lab: How to change a diaper 101"

We had a short session a few weeks ago with an old doll. I suppose the first session was more of an intro because the old doll did us no justice...

We had our " intro" session weeks ago with a flimsy doll and pretended that a dishcloth was a diaper.

 Yesterday we were better equipped.The doll we used this time around is called " Baby Alive" and she actually wears a real diaper. 

My son D.A has been having too much fun giving her a lot to drink from her bottle so the doll peed profusely and was soaked. Perfect timing for another diaper changing session!

Imani received this doll from her "Aunty Karmen" for Christmas and the doll talks, eats and drinks and use the bathroom. Yes, the doll actually "urinates" and..."eliminates" .

This first time big sister takes her future role with such enthusiasm, it's beautiful to see her in action. She prayed for a sister and God answered... Please read this following story

The baby doll wears newborn size diapers. Thankfully " Aunty Karmen" offered a pack of newborn diapers just for the doll. Thank God this baby doll will never need upgrades to bigger size!!!

Well, time to see our little students in action:


My second son, D.A, was small when Imani was born and he is excited at the idea of a much younger sister. He said he would help with diaper changing but will close his nose if it stinks. This is actually very courteous of him as this is coming from someone who totally refuses to clean after the dog.

Hopefully he will treat his baby sister with more consideration when it's time to handle her soiled diapers.

Okay let's see... 
Oops better redo that one! I can already feel urine or diarrhea running all over our hands and clothes with such a loose diaper!  He is redoing it with more precision...

Much better....

The last one to go was my oldest son, he is always helpful and is always the one to volunteer for a task. He changed this diaper so fast that he was done before I even noticed it!

What do you think? That's very promising isn't it? 
With a week left to do some simulations, what else should we pratice?



  1. This is priceless! I think its so sweet that you are teaching them how to do this :))

  2. I hope you have a safe and wonderful delivery!!! Can't wait to see how beautiful your baby is :)

  3. Thank You Kendra! I truly appreciate that!

  4. Very cute! I have a brother who is 11 years younger than me. I changed a lot of diapers when he was born. To this day my brother still talks about the little things I did with him before I went to college. Enjoy this time and I pray you have a healthy and safe delivery.

  5. @ Jenjen I am just like your brother when it comes to my older siblings they are my heros no kidding! Thanks for the blessings!

  6. Ha! I love it! I should have done this with my 15-year-old stepson. He has changed TWO of Mini Mo's wet diapers--only once unsupervised--but never a dirty one. I think he's scared. Lol. He's willing to help out though. What a blessing. :-) I'm so excited for you, and I'm praying for a healthy delivery and recovery for mommy and baby!

  7. stumbled on your blog and i am LOVING IT!

    def a gr8 idea!!! and def loving the pics you took to share with us

  8. I think its great that you are teaching the older siblings, my oldest and my youngest are 12 years apart. Its an awesome way to teach them responsibility and a way for them to bond with the new baby. Best of luck to you. Great Post. peace :-)