Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Music Theraphy: What are the Health Benefits of Music?

                             Tropical Inspiration & Music Therapy

Like many people, I love music and I believe that music has a marvelous therapeutic effect.
I believe that music is a powerful tool to:

  • change our moods
  • lift our spirit up
  • and energize us.  

 I grew up in a tropical country and naturally, I find tropical vibes to be the most uplifting. On beautiful summer days like today, the sounds and images of some videos contribute to my cheerfulness.

So below I am sharing 2 of my very favorite tropical music videos. (Pause the pink music player above )and enjoy...

The first video is by Soumia and is entitled. "Mene Mwen" it could be translated as " Take me away"

In the video below Soumia sings/asks to be taken to a place where she would relax , have fun and be away from her daily stress.

The next video below is by Kaysha and it's entitled " Something going on" . As you will see there's a lot going on in this video, it's just a beautiful video with sensual moves of Brazilian Zouk that I...                       

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