Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thank God It's Wednesday # 2 STOP: How to stop sabotaging yourself and move forward with confidence

Welcome to this second edition of Thank God It's Wednesday. Today I am using a familiar sign to motivate you to make progress and encourage you to be consistent patient and persistent.
Why Thank God It's Wednesday? Wednesday are probably the day where many of us are feeling somewhat burnt out , discouraged by some of the challenges of the week and looking forward to the week-end as an escape. This is a way of regaining a mental boost that will help us to push strong...

Stop making excuses
Stop procrastinating
Stop doubting yourself because the truth of the matter is you are very capable. There are many situations & areas of your life that prove that you are capable of achieving goals when you make up your mind to.
Stop wasting so much time on worthless things. Do you watch too much TV? Do you watch shows that actually pollute your mind? Do you spend more time complaining than you do counting your blessings? Do you spend more time gossiping than you do building others up?
If on  a weight loss journey: Stop thinking about losing weight and think more about "improving your health & your body"
Stop complaining about not getting results when you know that you would be further away if you stay consistent, patient and persistent no matter how slow you go.
Stop comparing yourself to others especially and start recognizing and exploiting your own potentials
Stop talking so negative to yourself and others because each word you speak vocally or mentally create a world for you. Switch your words and your attitude and you will switch your life.

Think about what you have to gain when you follow through with actions that will gratify you
Think about the momentum you create when you get things done on a timely fashion.
Think about all the times you surprised yourself, succeeded at something. There are many more occasions that you might realize.
Think about the things you could be doing instead of wasting your time on things that have no lasting reward. Reading more, listening to more uplifting materials, volunteering or mentoring, exercising or simply prepping your food, or getting your home more organized...

Observe your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly patterns.
Observe what you have been doing that only create more frustration for you.
Observe what create more gratification.
Observe what are some patterns that make you successful in some areas and how you can apply the same patterns to make you successful in reaching your fitness goals or taking your life to the next level.
Observe how you tend to sabotage yourself at times or how you tend to motivate yourself at other occasions and learn from it.
Observe ( best done by keeping a journal) what you eat/ do daily that contribute or hinder your goals.
Observe how you feel when you do what's best for your health (life). Take notes on how great you feel after a workout or after you spend time counting your blessings instead of complaining how powerful it feels to edify others instead of gossiping or pulling them down. How great it feels to put your energy in reading, organizing your space or whatever instead of wasting time watching too much TV or whatever

After all doing all the above, proceed with a plan.
Proceed by mapping in writing where you want to be in a week, in a month, in a year and beyond
Proceed by writing the habits you want to replace.
Proceed with a written to do list that prioritize the activities that will help you reach you goals.
Proceed by creating a system that will allow you to stay motivated when the going get tough.  One thing that helps me stay motivated is to listen every single day, to motivational messages or preaching by would boost my moral, reprogram & renew my mind on a daily basis. I am not motivated to be healthy I am committed to be healthy but I am motivated to do my very best each day. I consider this to be mental conditioning and to me success in reaching my health and fitness goals or any other goals, is more mental than anything. I believe in training my mind!
Proceed by carefully avoiding the people and situations that will hinder your progress. For example, if you know you want to start running but friends invite you to hang out, learn to say no. Go on your run or go to the gym instead of hanging out. If you want to be mindful of what you eat avoid eating out at lot. Learn to cook at home or pack some healthy snacks to curb your appetite when you eat out. Avoid watching too much TV and do a little bit more research on fitness and nutrition or other subjects that will help you improve the quality of your life.
Proceed with consistency, patience & Persistence.

I pray this message helps and encourage you. Thanks for reading and let me know how applying these things benefitted you!
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  1. One of the best posts i have ever seen on this topic. This is how you can improve your self-confidence and top sabotaging. Thanks for sharing. you shared some valuable points here.