Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Quick Meals + Messy Kitchen Cooking with a Really Real Housewife Of...

Yay I am back to blogging!

At least for tonight!

I am skipping my workout, not reading a book, not watching TV (something I rarely do anyway) so I figured that a little blogging after cooking dinner would do wonders for my soul.

To all of you who used to follow my blog, I know I have really been seriously MIA, especially since having my 4th child. But despite my silence, I assure you that all is well.
Having a 4th child five years after my previous pregnancy, has certainly changed my family's dynamics a lot. Thankfully in a positive way but it is nonetheless demanding.

I had started a wellness Facebook page since my having my fourth child and this is where you can catch up on my activities with you are a Facebook user.

I have also recently launched own brand, making organic skincare products mainly and you can learn more about my amazing products on @ N'nako

In addition to that, I have recently launched the N'nako Book Club group on Facebook that you are welcome to join if you are a reader.

Now that I am done catching up some, this blog tonight is just about Foooood yes, food.

I wanted to share my quick meal tonight  so here it is:

I had my 9 years old son help with some of the prepping.
He cut and boiled some potatoes to serve as a side dish.

He also cut the boneless chicken thighs and the orange bell pepper. We picked orange simply because he said he liked the color! lol ( got to do whatever it takes to keep them excited about cooking)

30 minutes after my little sous chef assisted me, I pulled out the mini processor to make a quick mix that would serve as a marinade and flavor my quick dinner.

Once the potatoes were ready I layered them with cheese and baked them for less than 30 minutes.

I decided to pull out the rice cooker to made an additional side dish because my children love rice and looking at that yummy chicken on my stove I new a fresh bed of white rice would do those peppers more justice.

Since I didn't workout today and wasn't planning on eating a big salad plate I simply used a small tortilla to serve me as dinner.

The kids loved their meal, plenty of potatoes left to serve them for lunch during our homeschooling hours.
That delicious chicken will not survive the night but what can I say!
That was a pretty tasty fast and easy meal!

Now, sweeping the kitchen and drying dishes is left to them. Oh yes, I believe in delegating!

Yes I did say drying dishes. I don't use my dishwasher ha ha! If you haven't heard, us "African Be Like"...we don't care much this noisy water guzzling kitchen appliance! Ha ha ha

But despite the fact that my little hard working hands are always in the water, I can still brag of having some soft and pretty hands!

Of couuurse I have a secret!
Of course I will share it with you...
Shea Butter soufflé by N'nako.
I always keep some in my kitchen drawers. That soufflé works wonders on laborious hands and for your body overall.

That same Shea Butter soufflé worked some miracles on all those dark stretch marks I had as a result of my 4 pregnancies.
Sorry a before of after of my waistline would not fit the scope of this blog, we are still focusing on food you know!
But meet me on my page N'nako because I would soon upload a picture on the subject :-)

Alright, so this really real housewife of Tennessee is done blogging for tonight. But I was wondering.
For those of you who don't live in a city that is represented by the Real Housewives Series...what item would you pose with if you were to pretend that you were a Real Housewife?

To all my fellow moms out there, I am eager to know, so if you are ever on Instagram tag me to show me #nnako_goodhealthdiva or post on my Facebook wall

Thanks in advance for sharing and thanks for reading!
I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks for stopping by, sharing your comments, Following , Liking the FB page, subscribing by email, sharing with your friends and all those good stuffs...(smiles) Until next time have a better and healthier life... N'na


  1. The meal looks really mouth-watering and congrats on launching a skincare range. What are the products included in your skincare products range and where can I buy them?

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