Sunday, December 4, 2016

Natural Fitabulous Lifestyle Art Corner: Interview with local artist and painter Lynne Mayer

Hi and welcome to Natural Fitabulous world!
I have not blogged in a long while, but I have certainly been very active, living the many healthy tips that I share around here. 
I have not been blogging but I have instead been writing books. I have two published books available on amazon and two coming up soon. My first book is a delightful healthy story that's a must read.

To see more of the fun healthy things I have been up to check my books on Amazon.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of visiting a show at an art gallery in Dalton Georgia where I immediately fell in love with the works of the artist.
Having spent a portion of my childhood in France, I immediately noticed the French flair in some of her works and it added to my interested to know more about her!

I could not interview her for my sole enjoyment and figured that you and others might be inspired by her. I strongly believe in the therapeutic virtues of art, I believe that you don't have to be a professional to appreciate how art can calm, heal, energize, uplift, de-stress, and benefit us mentally and physically!

I pray you will enjoy my conversation with Lynne and be inspired to create more often...

In bold are my questions to Lynne, in red are my additional thoughts on our beautiful time together...

Painter Lynne Mayer and Author N'nako Goodhealthdiva

How long have you been painting?

I have always liked drawing and painting since I was 8 years old.

I have been creating paintings and selling in galleries for 22 years.

Where do you find the inspiration for your work?

I love finding compositions in Nature for my work and Native American studies.

I certainly share with Lynne a love for nature and I naturally gravitated toward her paintings of leaves, butterflies and her stunning painting of a fish that had all my favorite colors!

What made you decide to become a painter?
There is so much beauty around me that I want to feel a part of it through the process of painting my interpretation of what I am seeing.

What would you say are some health benefits of painting?
It seems the older we get, the more our minds seem to ramble on with thoughts about everything even when we don’t care about thinking. For me painting is a way of stilling the mind by immersing myself into a dream creation of the painting I am foreseeing and focusing on a brush stroke that becomes part of it.
When I sit and paint, it’s like I am in my own little happy world with no other thoughts or cares.

Below is a fun collage of our time at Lynne's Art Show.
She paused by my favorite painting and the gallery owner sneaked behind her and photo bombed our picture.
When she asked to take a picture of my book I assumed she was only taking a picture of a book, so I continue to talk and laugh with our friends around totally oblivious that Lynne was photographing!

Lynne's painting are not just beautiful, they allowed us to create some fun beautiful moments!

How has painting changed the quality of your life?
The process of painting has helped me be in the present more rather than dwelling on the past or fearing the future.

I noticed on some of your painting that you traveled to France before? Why France? What other location have inspired you?
France is the heart of Impressionism. The two trips I took to France were with other painters who wanted to paint the beautiful countryside just like the Impressionists did years ago.
As I mentioned before, I lived a portion of my childhood in France and in Ivory Coast, a French speaking African country.  You will enjoy some beautiful photographs of both places in my book Little Corey and Cousin Nia
I have also enjoyed plein air painting from Tennessee to Maine on trips with fellow artists.

Do you have a favorite painting technique? If yes which one (s)?
In recent years I have come to love many techniques in Encaustic painting.
This is painting with 200 degree colored beeswax much like the Egyptians , Greeks, and Romans did for the artwork in pyramids and bath houses.

What advise would you give anyone interested in pursuing their interest/passion for painting?
Every one should find out what gives them passion for life. Do you find yourself desiring to create in art, enjoying the challenge, and feeling happy from the process?  Then this is your passion and this is what will balance you in everything you do and think.
Even if you choose a career that is very mind analytical, be sure to keep your passion for creating in painting going on a routine basis.
There are many opportunities today to learn techniques in painting and all forms of art without going to college for the instruction.
Sign up for one of the many professional artists with instructional workshops all over the USA and Europe. This will really let you know how you react and feel about your art process.

What are some of your other passions/interests?
I love being outside seeing how things grow in a garden and listening to the wild ducks on our ponds quack remarks to each other.
I love playing with my two dogs and looking into their dreamy faces of love and loyalty. My two cats teach me how to relax and don’t worry so much.
I have returned to bowling in my older age and love being with my team every Wednesday morning.

When I first saw Lynne I could tell that there was more than Art that kept her healthy and sharp.
Like I share a lot throughout this blog and my books, physical and mental health are important to our total well being and we might not love the exact same things and attain our goals the same way, but either it's music, dancing, playing an instrument, drawing or painting, there are simple ways to enjoy life and add beauty to the lives of those around us.

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  1. Lynne seems like a very passionate and dedicated person to me. Also, she looks intelligent, creative, hard-working and easy-going. You did a great job interviewing her. Nice blog!

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