Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breaking News!Hun I got some news for you!

Hello readers!
I hope all is well with you as I write this update!
If you are like most Followers you have probably noticed that I have written less frequently last month and the month before than I did months ago! Yes, I went from like 12-13 articles a month to 6 then! No I am not slacking...Something happened and it slowed me down a little...

Some friends and readers have emailed me on facebook and made the observation that they have noticed that I was writing less...I did not want to break the news for a while because it even took me a while to realize what was going on...what was going on in my body!

I was feeling constantly tired and my best friend in New jersey was intrigued that someone like me would
 " suddenly" be lacking energy and be so tired!
She detected that something serious must be going with me...humm...she then started inquiring about my health, asking quite frequently and with insistence if I was pregnant! " Noooo" I kept saying!!!

Knowing me to be energetic and healthy her quick and only diagnosis of the situation was that I was suffering from a pregnancy!

Diagnosis I strongly rejected and denied, not just to her but to myself as well...until she finally sent me a text one day asking me to " just take a pregancy test and we will know"...

Okay...So I did take the test...

and it was   POSITIVE!!!!

OMG I am pregnant! I am pregnant!

I got to tell you the truth I was not jumping up and down on this one!

My last child is 4 and pregnancy means things like...
"Gosh got to put aside all those summer capris I finally squeezed myself in with much comfort! Oh nooo the sleepless nights feeding a baby...Lord have mercy I will have to change some stinky diapers again, and another child to potty train! For real after training my last child and then my dog I was hoping to retire from potty training! I don't want to potty train EVER AGAIN ( sounding like a child with a temper tantrum). What's more I will have to carry around those obnoxious car seats! I don't like carrying around car seats and strollers( In a pouting voice)  ...

Well... that was my internal dialogue the days I was in denial, the night I found out that I was indeed pregnant and do I have this dialogue once in a while!

Thankfully...yes...thankfully my internal dialogue has improved ! I am more and more excited! Now I think more about the fact that  I will once again experience a baby moving in my belly, seriously that's one of the most beautiful thing about pregnancy! Oh and I will have a new decorating project, how fun! Oh my I will get another child to hold against my chest till we fall asleep and another baby to cuddle and have goofy talks with! There will be cute irresistible little hands to hold and little feet to kiss!!! Babies' feet are so cute! (You all know that pass a certain age, feet are not always kissable material)!
I am so grateful that I will marvel once again at the beauty and mystery of life...

 So yes friends, my health goals, my wardrobe and my living spaces have to be totally redesigned and some of my short and long term plans as well! But it's okay, I am okay!!!  A baby is quite a beautiful change ...umm okay I just had to play referee between my two boys...what was I saying...beautiful? Umm... might have to rethink that statement at the moment...

But you know what? I did not plan this pregnancy like I did my other ones, so since it's here, and it was a total surprise I might as well make the most of it and enjoy it! Don't you think? Yes, I plan on enjoying this special blessing and I will take you and other " kindred spirits" along this journey...journey of a new life...
So that's the news...friends, I am pregnant...

Oh if you want to know how far along I am...All I can say is that....I don't even know!!!
Ha ha ha! My first doctor's visit is tomorrow...So you have to return for the updates....

If you like guessing games you can try far along do you think I am?

pregnancy (belly) picture



  1. YYEEEAAAHHHH!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Wishing you all the best.

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!---congratz Suagh--now you need t take that photo of that drank off ya page and put up baby booties--LOL---remain blessed huney!

  3. I say 3-4 months and its a girl! Congrats again lady!

  4. What beautiful news and CONGRATULATIONS!

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  6. Felicitations!! Because I am torn on this I am just going to say maybe its twins? A boy and a girl? What say ye?

  7. Thanks to you all ladies! I am so grateful you took the time to write, I appreciate your support and your presence!
    I removed my last comment because I figure I will give a few ppl more time to guess (smiles)
    @ EssenseVibez the drink is homemade graprefuit juice I might hold on to the picture a while longer just to remind me to stay on track because I have been tempted by sodas and I haven't cared for sodas in years until recently!But I love your idea of the booties so I will start shopping around for some! Thanks for your best wishes!
    @Mrs Bagel I won't give away the week yet but you were brave for guessing! What more interesting is that everyone been saying that I need another girl and one of my friend said " it's a girl" when I told her that I was pregnant! I have been telling my hubby that I strongly think it's a girl! We will all find out togheter, stay tuned!!!
    Lol my kids are in the living room discussing sleeping arrangements for the baby! They want the baby to sleep with them! They make it sound like they will wake-up in the middle of the night to feed the baby!

  8. Big time congrats to you! that post was great, and you'll definitely be fine, you just gained a new follower. Looking forward to seeing more.

  9. Hey "Dr.Lil" Thanks you so much for your kind words and encouragements! It's a great pleasure to have you as a guest on my blog! I paid you a courteous visit on yours and got caught up in some of the "conversations" there! (smiles)

  10. Congratufanbulations! God Bless you and all your children. Btw, I would say 3months in. :D

  11. @ Flair Good guess!
    @Mrs Bagel pretty good guess as well.
    I am at 13 weeks!

  12. @Sewere lol!No no twins here just one in there!

  13. Yaaaayyy! Congrats hunnie!! I looove shopping for baby stuff!!Can't wait to know if it's a boy or girl!!!


  14. Congratulations darling!! SO happy for you :) Can't wait to hear about your progress!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today + comment...I'm now following you back!

    <3-Cami from Serendipitious Life

  15. P.S. thank you for the song idea...I'm going to check it out :) Never heard it before! ox

  16. CONGRATULATIONS sis!! I was also wondering why you weren't posting so often! I'm glad all is well though!