Friday, July 15, 2011

Natural pregnancy week by week

Hello you all!

How are you? I know I promised you some updates on the 'breaking news'!

So I had my first prenatal doctor's visit.
Took me half a hour to fill up some paperwork, thank God I went early!
My appointment was for 9:00 am and I was at the office by 8:30! It took so much time to answer all the health history questions etc...

                                                                  The lab works
So I did the usual urine test, (right on time...)
Weight in: 5 lbs gain!
Blood pressure test, my BP was perfect!
Did the blood work, (She took like 5-6 tubes )
Got the physical and went ahead and got a Pap smear done,  heard the baby's heartbeat yeaah..(it sounds like a galloping horse)!

The urine test came first
I then waited a few minutes to get them to weight me and take my BP.

                                         Prenatal visit and a woman's right to pretty shoes...
When I first got called the first thing the nurse asked was how to pronounce my name, the second thing she said was " I love your shoes"! I thanked her and told her that I have 3 pairs of these shoes! ( I know it's crazy but I just love them.) She explained to me about the urine test and then left. I waited a few minutes before moving on to the rest of the tests that my visit entitled!
When a different nurse called me to take my weight,her first comment was about my shoes, the nurse taking my Blood Pressure asked where I was from and she kept checking out my shoes and complimented them, then a third nurse stepped in and noticed my shoes right away and complimented them and commented that they match well my dress and even my nail polish!

We don't expect a fashion revue when at a doctor's office but I must tell you it felt good to get these compliments! When you are starting to feel frustrated, challenged and limited with your wardrobe comments like those help a whole lot! Like I told them I have three pairs of those shoes, because, as one of them assumed, they are very comfortable in addition to being very pretty! I love pretty things and I love comfort! I am not the type of girl you will catch in pretty shoes that cause a lot of pain!
(I will add a picture of the shoes later on! I am writing in a rush!)

Picture update
Prenatal doctor's visit!

After my time with these fashion critics/nurses I waited in a private room (pictured above)...I waited like 15-20 mns before I was seen by the midwife. Thank God I had my crosswords puzzles book with me or I would have lost patience like a fly trapped in a small space. I never go anywhere without a book in my purse and my puzzles book have kept me sane at many occasions when my patience was running low!

                                                              Pregnancy and exercises
The midwife came in. The first thing we did was go over my paperwork. She had some questions naturally! She was curious about the fact that I do work out more than 3 times per week. (The paperwork does require to specify how often you work out).
She asked me what kind of exercises I do and I explained that I normally run on the treadmill but haven't done it in the past 3 weeks. I still walk one hour most days, I stretch daily for at least 20 minutes. I did not care to tell her that I do squats and lunges every other days.
 She asked if I plan on working out as the pregnancy progresses, my answer " Of course! Exercising and staying healthy is more important now" I said! I went on to say that I am very much aware that it's thanks to exercising that I have had some healthy pregnancies in the past and some prompt recoveries!
She was also interested in the kind of supplements I take, (the paperwork inquires about medication, supplements etc) I am not under medication, haven't been since the pain killers of my last C-section!
                                                               Details about my supplements
The midwife was curious about my supplements and I explained that they do include the prenatal vitamins I started taking recently and they also include the following:  B12, Folic Acid, Fish oil, and Magnesium. I have been taking all these supplements daily or weekly for months now and I continue to take them in spite of the fact that some of them (B12 and Folic Acid) are present in the prenatal vitamins that I now take.
Magnesium keeps you regular and believe me I am seriously sticking to it because pregnancy causes constipation and constipation is BAD if you plan on being very healthy! The midwife seemed surprised that I knew the benefits of magnesium as a supplement to prevent constipation.
 B12 is already present in the prenatal vitamin but I still take that supplement because B12 is the 'energy vitamin' and I need energy now more than ever!  Please check the following article for more info about the importance pf vitamin B12

 Folic Acid is the most important vitamin during pregnancy, as a matter of fact it's very important even before pregancy!

After the questions and answers session and sharing some general info, I got a physical and I got to hear the sound of the baby...Aw www so sweet!
I told my midwife that my hubby and children would love to listen to it so after I got dressed a nurse gathered them from the lobby and we crammed that small room while I laid once again for a sonogram! It was great to share this with all my children but the best was saved for last!

                                                       Ultrasound and more shoes talks
I got my blood work done while waiting on the ultrasound to determine how far along I am in my pregnancy! I was so glad to get the ultrasound done because they were not sure that they could fit me in in the schedule since they were only working half day today! I said a little prayer on the subject that God graciously answered!
After getting all of us set up in the ultrasound room, I was about to lean back on the bed when the lady doing my ultrasound said " Oh you are the lady with the pretty shoes!" It caught me off guard...

Picture update
Here are my favorite shoes!
I was surprised that words have gotten around about my shoes. My hubby made a comment on the way home that only us women would do things like that, check people from head to toes and talk about them "and their shoes" (lol).

                                                              Special moments
Having my children watch the ultrasound was a special moment! They had tons of questions, made their smart comments about their little sibling in my tummy and found that it was the best part of the visit! I agree with them! I feel so grateful for this blessing! It's so amazing to be able to see a baby at such an early stage and it's awesome to be 'chosen' to carry a new life! I have always respected the gift of 'fertility' because I am so aware of others 'misfortunes and I spend so much time praying in secret for others less fortunate, to experience that gift!

                                                             Still guessing how far along I am
So... we had the ultrasound and my hubby was surprised to be wrong in his estimate!
He thought I was just 8 weeks. I have been telling him how many weeks I thought I was, but he acted like he knows my body better than me, (making a face).
 It turns out that my prediction were pretty close, the ultrasound revealed that I am actually at...umm let's make you wait...

       I will give you some hints
  • in 2 more weeks I should be able to feel the baby move,
  •  in 7 weeks we will know the sex of the baby
      So how many weeks am I?

Picture update:  me after my prenatal visit

Got to rush out of here, will be back with pictures and will update this post sometimes tonight or tomorrow! Have a great week-end and thanks to you all for your love!

To any expecting woman reading this, I wish you too a Happy Pregnancy!
Okay got to go, hubby is ruuushing me!


  1. You look sooo cute N'na!! I love the outfit!!!!
    MMM, that puts you at around 13 weeks, right?????

  2. Great post N'na! I know how far along you are because we spoke, but yay! Love the shoes and to be honest I would have asked about the shoes too! LOL

  3. awesome...congratulations!!! :)

  4. @ Lala thanks girl! Yep it's 13 weeks!
    @ Mrs Bagel you should check DSW shoes or Khols and get yourself a pair they are so comfortable!
    @C.Marie Thank you so much and welcome on the blog!

  5. I have no idea how long it has been cuz' I've never been through it, but can't wait to hear about your natural pregnancy :) Following you back! and congrats again!

  6. Hey Coley! Thank you girl, it's nice to have you here and I apprecciate your kind words!

  7. Awww I'm so happy for you! So glad it went well! And yes, those are some pretty shoes!! :D