Monday, November 28, 2011

The gifts and benefits of rest and some personal thoughts

Hello everyone!
How are you all doiiiiing?

It's 11:23 am here, it's been raining since yesterday non stop the sky is grey and many of the trees around me are now missing their foliage, yet....


I feel like "love is in the air"...the kind of feeling one would normally have during springtime but I guess it's okay to feel that good at any season....

You probably wonder what's getting me so pumped up...."nothing" ( said in a shy Minnie Mouse voice ( lol)

I simply got some rest this week-end.

Oh it might not be a big deal to you but IT IS when you have three active kids and you are 8 months preggo!

My husband kindly poured me a bath Saturday night and I soothed my aching back in it for about an hour. I felt so much better afterward!
 I wondered why it took me so long to make time for a bath!
 Ahaa ( sighs) divas got to remember to pamper themselves and rest their bodies even when preggo, especially when preggo!!!!

Sunday I stayed home and the hubby had the children all day till about 9 pm. They came home so happy to have had the whole day with their dad and I was so happy to have had the whole day to myself. It's been a long time since I spent so much time in bed. Ha ha ha!

I stayed home alone part of the day last Saturday and last Sunday so happy a full day of rest was even better than the week before!

I enjoyed the silence in the house so much that I played no music and watched no TV nor did I get on the internet.
The last two hours alone were spend praying and reading the Word. I love having this intimate time with absolutely no interruption.

Once the children and my husband got home we all sat at the table and enjoyed some pancakes for dinner. The rest of the night was very peaceful.
Children are so cooperative when they had a fantastic day.

I pondered about the simplicity of children.
They had a busy day with their dad yesterday with church, eating out, time at Barnes & Nobles, grocery shopping etc...Their day was so simple and did not involve any extra expenses or fancy activities, yet they would tell you they "had the best day".

It's true when they say the best gift to offer our children (or anyone as a matter of facts) is not things money can buy, it's the GIFT OF TIME. So before you stress out about the christmas lists, take a moment to think about that pleeeeeaaase!!!!

Why do we think that it takes expensive things to make children happy? We can subtitute the meaning of love with material things but that only last so long. When the toys get broken, when the gifts get lost and forgotten the only thing that we value even as we age, is the gift of time with someone we love!

I too had a simple day, just RESTING! I feel so rejuvenated today that two straight days of rain can't take my joy away and that's phenomenal because I am the kind of person that truly needs the sun to feel good.

So the best gift to offer ourselves as adults and busy parents is probably the GIFT OF REST
! We say often that we don't have time to rest or time to take care of ourselves but you know what? Taking time to rest and care for ourselves is a great investment that pays huge dividends! After we feel rested we are so calm, productive, creative, loving.... the list go on and on...

Okay... I will have to practice more of that once the baby arrive!

Well, that was it for today! Just a personal note.
I wish you all a very good end of November, a fabulous December and a great week.

Be blessed!
Yours truly!


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