Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Health and fitness tips: How to work out on a budget.

How to work out on a budget and turn your home into a gym by Goodhealthdiva.

We tend to create many excuses for not working out. The most common ones are: not having time to go to the gym or not having money for a membership, the weather is..."too hot"..."too cold"..."it's pouring down rain"..., "I don't have a lot of time", "I have to take care of".... "the kids, the errands",...

Well, we know what we like to come up with, and I know, I've been there done that! But seriously, we need to stop making them, get moving and learn to take care of ourselves. We need to work out to take care of ourselves. See your workouts and your health as a gift from you to you and from you to your loved ones. Working out is not a shore, it's a well deserved activity. True it's challenging but so what? We can handle it and deep inside we know we can!

The truth of the matter is, unlike all the common excuses we heard or made before...

It doesn't take a trip to the gym or even a gym membership to get an effective workout. 

Truly, rain or shine, summer or winter, there's no excuses for not working out AT HOME.

10-30 minutes every day is manageable. Ask me, I have 4 kids and one of the four is a newborn.

My suggestion for today: Turn an area in your home into your mini fitness studio.

I do have a room upstairs with a treadmill and other home equipments but I need to keep an eye on my kids when they are active or when the baby is sleeping in my room. The living room is my best spot. I can glance outside when they are playing with the neighbors and I can hear the baby when she wakes up.

So here is my mini fitness studio minutes ago


and one of my YTB trainer of the day was Jillian Michaels. I did a 30 minutes workout, then 3 small 10 minutes classes with FitSugar also on YTB.

This is ideal but most people don't have the space, the budget nor the motivation for that...

                    HOW TO WORK OUT ON A BUDGET...
  • Get your stretch/yoga mat if you have one.
  • Get your dumbbells ready if you have some.
  • Get some bottles of water ( you need to drink during and after your workout)
  • Keep your phone near by in case your spouse or immediate family need to reach you but ignore temporally phone calls if you know they can wait.
  • Get your small towel to clean your sweat! You plan on sweating right?
  • Pick some good videos on YouTube that you like. 10-30 mns if you are short on time,45 minutes and up if you have more time to spare. There are some short videos that are very effective.
I like to do a 30 minutes video first and 3 small 10-15 minutes videos. I figure that if I get interrupted while doing a 10 minutes video I can easily redo it or be satisfied that I have at least accomplished something!

For more ideas check...
Tips to keep and exercise routine

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 A short list of great workout videos available online
(My hubby just showed me these videos I haven't tried them yet but you go ahead...)

  • "Your Body is Your Gym: How to do a full body workout with no equipment" uploaded by MoTalks Sep 24, 2010
  • "No excuse workout" uploaded by GMuscleFitness Apr 13,2008

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How do you work out on a budget? Any tips?

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Until next time, have a better and healthier life...


  1. You give some wonderful advice here. I can attest to how much easier it is to work out when you have a dedicated space. Before I moved, my living room was the dedicated space. I made it work, though tough at times with two children and dog living in a very small space. Now I have a room in my basement that I share with the spiders, but hey, it works! I am so much more likely to do my workouts now and it was inexpensive. Mirrors for $5.99 from Walmart, some dumbbells and resistance bands, a yoga mat, and a small dvd player and tv is what I used to start. I love your YouTube workout suggestions as well. Where there's a will, there's a way.

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