Thursday, July 5, 2012

Healthy meals & healthy snacks: How to make grilled Okra.

Grilled Okra.

How to make a quick & healthy snack with Okra
     by Goodhealthdiva


My ingredients of choice: Olive oil, homemade seasoning mix with salt,  and ground oregano.

 Mix and coat my Okra , warm the indoor grill, as I am grilling I am brushing more of the oil mix on my Okra.

10 minutes later....after snacking on some as I was grilling the rest, here's what's left...

The meal version:
That's the only grilling I did on the 4th of July.
                     Healthy eating: Grilled Okra
                                                  by Goodhealthdiva

My husband and I used to enjoy eating grilled Okra at a local restaurant known for their BBQ sauces. I started getting tired of  their grilled Okra because their Okra was sometime overcooked and not always attractive. It seemed like we were sometimes given leftovers and that the okras has been warmed over and over again.

I decided to make my own from now on and... boy oh boy... what a great idea.

1 pound fresh Okra from a local Indian store.

Washed and rinsed with white vinegar and water.
 Seasoned with homemade seasoning mix (Turmeric, salt, ground and dried Oregano) & Olive oil.

5 to 10 minutes of the grill

A healthy and inexpensive meal for 2...

Ready to chow and happy that...

I can now enjoy fresh Okra, seasoned with my favorite herbs, and for only $2 the pound versus $2.50 for a small serving.

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