Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weight Loss Motivation: Giving Up Is Not An Option

 I love art and hanging in museums and galleries or just watching artists at work in their labs, and yesterday while working out in my garage,

I had this "artistic" understanding of fitness. What sort of triggered it was the motivational videos I was watching while working out and I realized the following:

1) transformation really takes time. Those body and fitness competitors we admire spend years working on their craft = shaping their bodies.

2) we expect our bodies to change overnight when we have spent years neglecting and abusing them with our less than healthy choices

3) It takes discipline, lots of discipline, diligence & hard work and to succeed you have to show up. Show up everyday. You can't show up strong for 3 days and go missing for 60. You're in you're in.
Then I thought about how amazing it is that the body can be shaped and transformed from fat, average, to sculpted and stoning and it made me think of how artists have to invest into they art. The dedication, the concentration, the mindset that unless you put the time in and use the tools you just won't get to your finished piece.
Then I thought about this: Do artist give up on sculpting just because the material they are working with is raw, time consuming and challenging?

They get in their zone, in their own mental & physical world and they get at it!!! And guess what? They don't get the finished product in one session. They set their tools down and come back again, and again and again, chiseling here, chiseling there, melting this, melting that, switching tools, because each tool does a specific task just like with fitness equipment right? Anyway...I just started thinking of my time working out as an artist in a lab.



 Of course it's my body that I am sculpting and I tell you what, I don't care how long it takes me!!!!
 I will keep going and keep going. One healthy meal at a time, one drop of sweat at a time, one smart choice at a time and I absolutely don't care about the scale simply because I know I ain't done!!!!! I am on a mission to sculpt my mind and my body and the scale for me is like an artist looking at its art in a mirror and getting mad if it doesn't look yet like he wants. No, art is to be appreciated and every artist know that the beauty is in the creative process. So...enjoy the journey and don't limit yourself to a scale or whatever. Your body, our bodies, are an amazing, amazing, amazing machine.

 I mean you look at yoga photos, Olympics videos, fitness competitor and you just shake your head thinking about what our bodies can do when our minds are strong. I don't know what's in your mind but I am furiously strengthening mind and I am enjoying this amazing journey because I know that a year from now, 2 years from now, 10 years from now ( God willing) I will reap amazing results because I am in it for the long haul. Giving up just isn't an option, getting discouraged is not an option, stressing over immediate results is just not an option. No baby I am in it for the looooonnng haul! What about you? ~ N'na


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  1. Great,post!And the pic,is powerful,along with that quote.I'm talking about the skinny guy struggling to get our of that big persons body.It speaks volumes....

  2. Yoga helps you lot in the concentration, peace of mind, relaxation. It is awesome that it helps in weight loss. Coffee is also helps in weight loss.

    Kopi Luwak

  3. Awesome post and analogy!!!! Yes ma'am I'm motivated!!!!!

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